15 Most common reasons for divorce.

common reasons for divorce

“Divorce is not the end of life.” It is also not a good option to consider when you are experiencing challenges in your relationship. But if it happens to your marriage, you have to forget and move on. However, you can prevent it if you know the common reasons for divorce and avoid them completely.

There are so many common reasons for divorce, some can be avoided, but few others can’t. But the truth is that no couple planned to get divorced before marriage.

One great reason why it looks as if the divorce took some couples unaware is that they refused to see the signs before it happens.

In this post, you will read some common reasons for divorce and how to avoid them completely.

If you are ready for this, let’s dive in.

15 Most common reasons for divorce to avoid.

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1) Yielding To Incompatibility:

Incompatibility has always been on the list of the reasons for divorce. According to a survey by the Institute for divorce and financial analyst, incompatibility has crashed 43% of marriages in America.

My take on this is that yielding to the pressure of incompatibility is the main killer.

Everyone is created with different personalities, so there will always be differences in between, especially When those two people with different emotions and lifestyles come together.

You will only succeed as couples when both of you decides to ignore the differences to achieve a living together.

Divorce occurs, when you or both of you decides to stop holding on the compromises.

How to deal with incompatibility

If you want to stop incompatibility from destroying your marriage, you have to work with your partner to address some issues that bring trouble.

Your first step is to work on your communication and your expectations. You can also seek the help of a marriage counselor to help you patch the “holes of your marriage.”

2) Abuse:

Abuse is also a serious relationship killer. Verbal or emotional abuse includes control, isolation, insult, and attempts to frighten your partner to submit to your controls.

It normally starts slowly and progressively grows. If it’s not properly checked it will take a big toll on your relationship.

A verbally abusive relationship can make you feel depressed and unloved.

common reasons for divorce
How to deal with abuse:

You should try everything to give up your quest for power. Practice kindness and see a marriage counselor if you can’t do it alone.

3) Infidelity:

The effects of infidelity are always enormous. It leaves both the cheater and the cheated in a great dilemma.

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