Emotional abuse, abusive partner,signs of emotional abuse,emotional abusive behaviors

Signs of emotional abuse to be aware of

                                                                                                                                                                  Emotional abuse, abusive partner,signs of emotional abuse,emotional abusive behaviors If you are not sure what the signs of emotional abuse are, then read this post carefully, as I will reveal them to you here in this post.


The reason is that, when you know what the signs are, you’ll be vigilant to prevent them from a relationship.


If you your partner started showing you some serious cares and love lately and you are not sure why?

Then you should be alert.


Why did I say so?

You see, that could be clear signs of emotional abuse.
Lisa Ferentz describes emotional abuse as subtle, which is unlike physical and sexual abuse that you quickly noticed in a relationship.


This usually comes to the victim subtly as if the partner is on a new level of care.


The abuser pretends to be kind and more attentive until they gradually make the victim vulnerable by getting their trust and confidence, and then they keep abusing the victim.


All these emotional abusive behaviors are just the little tricks he/she employed to distract you from suspecting the reality of all his/ her of manipulations to you.


Here they are

Signs of Emotional Abuse you should not neglect your marriage.

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1) You’ll be getting threats from him/her:-

The threat is one of the ways an emotionally abusive partner gain more power from the other partner.


They use these manipulative scare tactics to make you accept their views or actions.


He/she may threaten to commit suicide if faced with some breakup issues, he may also threaten to expose you in an embarrassing way, or even threaten to take any of your valuables like – child, money. Jewelry, or home.


Some may even threaten to dump or tell your or families of any of your secrets he/ she knows about.

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