7 Big signs your marriage is failing apart

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Whether you are newly married, or you have been married for a long time, it is important to act fast whenever you see signs that your marriage is failing.

Many couples are always either to busy to see or act when they see signs of failing marriage that’s staring them straight in the face before they could rise to act, things would have gone out of hand.

It’s beautiful when you get married at a proper time, and to the one you love. But, the real issue in marriage is, doing the things that need to be done to sustain passion in your relationship with your spouse. Since marriage is a lifetime thing, there is a need to be on the check to know when your relationship is fairing well or not.

What if I could tell you a few things you should know about why marriage fails or succeeds so you should be on the alert? What if I should let you know that one chief reason why marriage fails is that couples overlook so many things that actually matter, things they shouldn’t play at all with, would it not help you?.

Granted, I am here to show you those seemingly insignificant things that may mean things are not going to be smooth between you and your spouse in time to come.

From his research, a Ph.D. holder and Director ” couples on the block project of the University of Minnesota pinpointed some imperceptible signs when people are on their early stage of breaking up.

His main advice is about what we must always look for when it comes to our thought and our actions that will clearly show you that things are going to be rocky between you t.

Here are few of  Signs your marriage is failing

breaking up,divorce,Signs your marriage is failing

7 Shocking & Creepy signs your Marriage is Failing.


1 You are stocked in the blame game:-

From records, there has never been a time when matters get solved by blaming the other person, rather it helps to escalate “negative emotions”.

It kills intimacy and causes a disconnect among couples.

In fact, couples are always so intent on blaming each other that they forget that they are overtly pushing their marriage to a wall and you will not want this to happen in your relationship do you?

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