7 Big signs your marriage is failing apart

Whether you are newly married, or you have been married for a long time, it is important to act fast whenever you see signs that your marriage is failing.

Many couples are always either to busy to see or act when they see signs of failing marriage that’s staring them straight in the face before they could rise to act, things would have gone out of hand.

It’s beautiful when you get married at a proper time, and to the one you love. But, the real issue in marriage is, doing the things that need to be done to sustain passion in your relationship with your spouse. Since marriage is a lifetime thing, there is a need to be on the check to know when your relationship is fairing well or not.

What if I could tell you a few things you should know about why marriage fails or succeeds so you should be on the alert? What if I should let you know that one chief reason why marriage fails is that couples overlook so many things that actually matter, things they shouldn’t play at all with, would it not help you?.

Granted, I am here to show you those seemingly insignificant things that may mean things are not going to be smooth between you and your spouse in time to come.

From his research, a Ph.D. holder and Director ” couples on the block project of the University of Minnesota pinpointed some imperceptible signs when people are on their early stage of breaking up.

His main advice is about what we must always look for when it comes to our thought and our actions that will clearly show you that things are going to be rocky between you t.

Here are few of  Signs your marriage is failing

7 Shocking & Creepy signs your Marriage is Failing.


1 You are stocked in the blame game:-

From records, there has never been a time when matters get solved by blaming the other person, rather it helps to escalate “negative emotions”.

It kills intimacy and causes a disconnect among couples.

In fact, couples are always so intent on blaming each other that they forget that they are overtly pushing their marriage to a wall and you will not want this to happen in your relationship do you?

If that is the case, then what you should be doing instead is to always see your contribution to the problem at hand and look for a way of solving instead of blaming your partner.


2, You abuse and control your spouse:

Nobody wants to be controlled, dominated or manipulated and your spouse is one of them, so if you find yourself being too assertive, then you are hurting your relationship.

People usually think the only time’s marriage is abusive is when there is “physical violence or bullying ” but that’s only a misconception because there’s emotional abuse too and it comes in many forms.

Don’t control

When your partner feels constantly manipulated or controlled, his/her confidence is destroyed and it makes him /her keep a distance from you and you know what that means to any relationship.

In any relationship, no one should feel intimidated or school as scared by the person they cherish and love.

3 Ignoring your spouse’s sexual needs and intimacy: –

in every marriage, sex is very important and when you neglect God’s commands to build romance and intimacy with your partner, you will create a void in his or her. soul. For some couples, the daily schedules have become inflexible and have made it impossible for them to make love to each other.

4 You always run to parents /in-law when there’s trouble: –

If you constantly invite your parents or your in-law whenever there’s a little issue in your marriage, then that is a clear sign your marriage is failing.

It is true that there are issues that husband and wife can’t settle by themselves, but instead of going to your in-law, go to a good marriage counselor or therapist.

Your in-laws can make the matter worse, but a therapist is trained to help couples in trying times.


5 Both of you don’t have things in common: –

At the earlier stage of your marriage, you shared so many things, you want to be with each other, talk, laugh together, share your thoughts and feelings, but now you two can be under one roof but rarely have time to stay together again that’s another clear sign your marriage is not working properly.

Research shows that one-way couples can last very long in their relationship is by sharing quality time together.

I have written extensively on how you can share quality time with your spouse.

6 You feel so lonely in your relationship: –

If you are in a marriage and you still feel lonely, it’s another indication that your marriage is not healthy. Denis and Babara Rainey. said, ” if there’s one thing worse than a miserable, lonely single person, it’s a lonely married person “.

Loneliness in marriage usually begins slowly from disconnection we feel from our partner and eventually increase over time.

A psychology professor in his writing said that isolation is a potent killer and it has also been shown to be the chief cause of paranoia, depression, rape and mass murder. It will slowly invade your marriage and gradually affect every other part.

7 Staying in touch with your Ex:-

Many marriages are chartered today because there’s still a connection between the EX’S. Well if you are still connected with your ex in flirtatious ways, then you may be tempted to get back together or have extramarital affair. That speaks volumes to your marriage health.

The best thing to do is to stare clear from your ex and face your marriage.

Rounding up:

This list of 7 ways to know that your marriage is failing is not to show you your mistakes, but to make be ahead of those things that can hurt your relationship.

Don’t see this as one of those articles you have read before, go ahead and implement all I have written down for you and see what will happen to your marriage.

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