How to sleep divorce without causing a fight

How to sleep divorce, what is sleep divorce

In as much as many marriage experts believe that couples must sleep together, to live together, there are certain conditions that may require that you have a sleep divorce. The question is: when should you bed divorce? In this article, I will show you when it’s best for you to sleep divorce, as well as how to sleep divorce the right way.

But, what is sleep divorce?

Sleep divorce simply happens when a couple chooses to sleep apart, to get a good sleep at night. This may mean sleeping in separate rooms or separate beds.

Example: Maybe one of the couples is having a sleep disorder like snoring, which usually results from “obstructing sleep apnea, and  it’s  impacting the other couples’ health negatively, causing sex dysfunction and sometimes cause ” marital spats.’

Then the couple may decide to go for all asleep divorce.

This is not divorce

A study conducted in 2016 by Paracelsus medical university in Nuremberg, Germany proved that and sleep issues usually occur simultaneously.

Those are the reasons many couples decide to start sleeping separately.

However, that doesn’t mean fighting who gets custody of the children or splitting your properties.

It is just about sleeping in a separate bed or room.

Sleeping separately on bed

Question is: what impact does sleep divorce have in the marriage? Negative or positive?

Let’s see what the experts have to say about sleep divorce

Mary  Jo Rapini, a relationship & intimacy Psychotherapist from Huston have this to  say about it “While there are benefits to sleeping together, one partner’s troublesome sleeping or annoying bad habits can affect the other and increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol, thus causing issues that impact the couple as a whole.”

And she finally said that “sleeping alone could help you manage life with more focus and control, which in turn can make you feel more content and happier in your relationship.”

This is from Dr. Dean.

Dr. Dean said that “sleep divorce comes with some major benefits: sleeping more soundly and experiencing fewer disruption to your sleep cycle.

Some couples also said that sleep divorce has helped their marriages get better.

From these quotes from the experts and confessions from the couples, it is evident that this is not a bad idea anyway.

How to sleep divorce, it is time to sleep on separate room?

Keep Reading.

And so, If you are still asking ” if this is time to sleep divorce”, then continue reading this post.

Here are a few signs you need a sleep divorce.

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