How You Can Genuinely Win Your Husband’s Love Again


Have you ever wondered how you can win your husband’s love again? Then I am going to reveal it to you here without holding back anything thing.

This will help you to bring back happiness and joy in your marriage.

It’s always common with women when they talk, yell and show disrespect to their husbands without understanding the implication of their actions.

Men are not likely to yell back at their wives some times, but they usually know what to do in their minds. My advice to you as a lady is to find a better way of talking to him than nagging and yelling.

Before I tell you how to get his love back again, I must also let you know most of the things that can make him fall out again if you are not careful to take them out of your character.

You must take note of these things to avoid future occurrences.

These are the things you must check.

You Nag And Shout At Him Always:-

Men don’t like to be nagged or shouted at all and your husband is one of them. Nagging is one of the biggest turn off for men.

Every man feels disrespect when they are being shouted at. Therefore if that is your character, your husband hates it.

Instead of shouting or nagging your husband, try using positive approaches. That’s the only thing that can work. However, when you shout at him, he will become defensive and resentful.

So each time you feel sad about anything your husband did, don’t shout at him, instead found a better way to express yourself.


Another reason your husband may fall out of love with you is when you compare him with others.

Comparison kills a marriage as poison does. It can undermine your relationship and it will make your man feel inferior.

Instead of comparing your husband, work on yourself first. Change your perceptions about him and concentrate on his pros instead of cons.

Motivating him to be/do his best will help him change for the better, but comparing him will make him avoid you.

When You Don’t Take Good Care Of Yourself.

You are not taking good care of yourself while at home. Yes of course you look good and smell good when you are going out in the morning, but immediately you are home, things change.

You won’t clean yourself up and you’ll smell dirty. The question is how would your husband feel romantic seeing you like that.

Men want their partner to look good, all the time, whether going out or at home. Therefore look nice, take your bath often, brush your teeth and wear your makeup if necessary.

You Spend Too Much Time On Your Gadget.

This is the latest trend in marriage now. Couples don’t have time to romance again, the gadgets have taken over.

Many Relationship has been affected by this new phenomenon. I am talking about pressing your phone while you are with your spouse, or posting your marital activities on social media sites without your spouse’s consent.

That means that your attention has been shifted from him to your gadget. Just stop now and check how it has impacted your relationship with you. If it has, then it’s time to stop it.

You Don’t Take Care Of The House.

As a wife, it is your responsibility to see that the house is clear and properly kept clean. Men expect their wives to be good Housekeepers. They want to come back to a clean and neat environment.

Get your house cleaned daily, and be sure that your personal properties are well kept. Keep the kitchen and the ditches clean. The environment needs to be cleared too. Remember, “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Trying To Change Him.

This is another great reason why your husband will hate you or fall out of love with you. When you want to change your husband, you will be revealed by every little thing he does. That will make you shout and be agree with him always.

It is not easy to make someone change, and most times it is you that need to change your mind and conception. Probably you are always interested in your spouse’s faults and not his good deeds.

But let me tell you that you are making a great mistake when you try to change him. You will be so stressed if the changes are not coming.

How to win your husband’s love again.

You don’t care about his family, lack of communication, not being honest, not trustworthy, no more attractive, too much argument, lack of respect, keeping late, drunkenness, and boring sex life.

All these can make your man’s love fail. However, you can easily win him back again if you can take these steps.

The first thing you must think about is those qualities that made him love you in the earlier days of your courtship. Probably there are things you were doing that you don’t do again. Your structure has changed and you don’t dress the ways you use to.

Obviously, there is never a good reason for a partner to hate the other, but it is good to prevent anything that will bring a problem to your relationship.

Make sure you take good care of yourself, exercise if possible, and make sure you keep to shape.

1 Go back to that first love

One of the main ways to win your husband’s love again is by reminding yourself of the good old years. If you were so goal-oriented in your early days of marriage and now you are not, then you must try to work yourself back to that life again.

If you are the type of woman that was easy-going before marriage, but now you are not again, then you must retrace back to your easy-going life again. Always think of the past when your relationship started.

Remember the joy you shared, when you laugh away your sorrows. Also do those things that made him want to be with you constantly. At a time you will be able to find out the best ways to win your husband’s love again.


2 You Can’t Change Him.

Never try anything about changing your man, it may not be easy for you, it can only make things worse. Men don’t usually want their wives to control them; they have this male ago that leads them.

The best step to tread is just to work on yourself. Every man wants to marry a woman that has a high value. Make your life more rewarding to him. Show him that you know that you are worth dying for.

Learn to consider the things you say or do at a point in time. Those are the things that can make you win your husband’s love again.

3) Use Your Wisdom.

Remember you must not rush him if he is not showing you love. Even when you have brought the matters to him, never try to push it; use wisdom to make him fall in love again.

Pray for the power of God to touch him. Of truth, there are things you can’t change by merely wishing, you must back it up with actions. So pray often and leave the rest to God.

4 Honor Him:

If you want to win your husband’s love again, you must honor him. Let your husband be your pride. Boast with him wherever you are; whether he is with you or not. Don’t think of loving him, because men don’t need love but honor. They interpret honor as love.

Always pay attention when he is talking and don’t challenge his words. Don’t challenge him even if he is making mistakes. Also, be his share leader. Let people know that you have a husband you love and cherish so much. He will be happy to know that you honor him: that will make him love you back.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for How to win your husband’s love again, then follow the steps listed in this article. They are easy but very effective. Take your time to introduce the steps gradually into your relationship, by God’s grace, you will see the changes.

I hope this will help you.

Yours Murphyaik

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