Passionate marriage:Top 11 ways to have a passionate marriage.

passionate marriage

In this article, I want to show you how you can have a very passionate marriage, and how you can keep intimacy hot and alive in your marriage forever.

This is the best result any couple can have in their marriage, even you.

This thing called intimacy is naturally alive when the marriage is still young and fresh, but how to sustain It as the marriage grows is one of the things every couple must try to learn.

However, if you are here now and reading this very article, then you are on your way to having that love and joy sustained forever in your marriage. This will surely make your marriage a strong and more passionate marriage.

What do you usually think when you visited a friend and you find both couples laughing, kissing, cuddling, and calling each other sweet names?

Do This:

Now consider this also; you went to a friend’s house, and each time it is one augment or the other if not fighting.

Let me tell you one of my experiences.

I went to a my friends to a wedding in their car one day; on our way back from the wedding, a little argument erupted which made my friend park his car on the road and dug it out with the wife there and then. All my moves to separate the fight proved abortive that I had to invite the police to help out.

Now tell me, which of the two marriages would you want to be associated with?

  • The one that fights always, or the happy couple.

Let me answer for you.

The passionate marriage of course.

I want that type of marriage and I know you do too

So let’s go on now and find out how you too can have and sustain the passion in your marriage.

passionate marriage

What do I mean by passionate marriage?

Passionate marriage is the type of marriage where both couples are happy with each other and they prove it through there kisses, holding on of hands, cuddling and the whispering of those words like “ I love you”

In this type of marriage, everyone involved is always committed to making each other relaxed and happy at all times.

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