9 Signs of an emotionally unavailable man

How To Deal With emotionally Unavailable men:

Let Him Know How You Feel:

There is a need to keep quiet when you don’t like his behavior especially when the relationship is still young.

Once you notice that he likes to be alone, avoid discussions about your relationship or he is always careful when it comes to “expressing his emotions.”

The best you can do at that point is to tell him how you feel about his action and tell him what you want from him.

If he refuses to change, then that is not a relationship to be in: leave the relationship immediately.  The pains will be less now than when you have gone far into the relationship.

Don’t Try To Fix Him:

I know you love him so much and you wouldn’t want to leave him, instead, you will resolve to fix him as the marriage continues but that will not work.

Don’t be like most women who always want to change their men and make them better individuals and do not realize that it is hard to change someone.

The best thing to do if you don’t like something about your partner is to ask yourself why such is happening, then check if you can overlook it or go on with it.

Trying to change a man, especially an emotionally unavailable man is a suicide mission and will only earn you his “contempt in love.”

If you can’t leave him because of the love you have for him, then try to accept him the way he is and keep up with your relationship with him.

Try Loving Yourself More:

You have tried all you could, and you have given up all you do for yourself so you can concentrate on your man to make him love you, yet he is not showing any interest.

My advice is that you let go of trying to love and please him and concentrate on yourself better than before.

Stop trying to impress him and start living for yourself. Engage in things that give you joy and peace of mind. Have your own life and be serious with your career and other things that matter to you. Love and treat yourself like you are the only one in the world.

Emotionally unavailable man, emotionally absent men
Have Patient And Be Vulnerable:

It I indeed advise you to leave the relationship as soon as you discover that you can not live with him, but if you love him so much and want to stay put, that has some patience with him.

The truth is that when you are not okay with your spouse’s emotional unavailability, you may want to blame him immediately, but that will be the more suicidal thing to do, just concentrate on your things.

Learn how to show your fears and keep praying that your man changes and start being open to you. It may not happen immediately, but if you continue hoping and praying, things will change for the better.

Step Up Your Positive interactions.

Your patience will pay off if you increase your positive interactions with your partner so don’t just keep your distance as wait for him to change. You can engage yourselves by doing some things together like taking a walk, going on romantic dates.

Find some ways to share quality time tod don’t use it as an avenue to talk about your challenges, but a time to improve your relationship emotional bank account.

Get Help If You Can’t Do It Alone:

There is a tendency that you have tried all you could and things are not taking a good shape as you hope it will then think of looking for help outside.

You can ask some friends who have gone through the same problems and are now out of it. You can as well look for a marriage therapist near you and book fore sessions.

It is imperative to take a quick step to restore your relationship than watching your relationship die when you could read it.

Final Thought:

Understanding if your partner is an emotionally unavailable man can be the best thing you do to know which final decision to take.

Would you hold fast and wait for him to change or take to your heels immediately.

Well, that depends on you, however, after reading this post, you would have learned how to know if he is an emotionally unavailable man,  and how to deal with and emotionally unavailable men.

If you understand what I have written in this post, then you can make the right decision.




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