Improve your marriage sexuality: 5 ways to take now

Happy marriage,improve sex in.your marriage.In this blog, I have written so many articles on sex. For example ” The Importance Of Sex In Your Marriage and Effects Lack Of Sex In Your Marriage, I extensively showed you everything you should know about why sex is important and why you should try to improve your marriage sexuality.

But that’s not all there is

In this post, I will show you how to improve your marriage sexuality entirely, no matter what depleted your sex energy.

If your relationship is still young, this post may not be that meaningful to you, because everything is still very hot sexually.

However, from ten years after the wedding, there’s a pretty good chance that one, if not both of you have lost your sex drive or really find it hard to remember sex.

Many things could actually get in the way of your marriage sex –Chores, taking care of the kids, and financial instabilities, alcohol, drugs, and so many other things are good causes of diminished sex in a relationship.

Age also affects our sex life too.

It is possible:

Thankfully, most if not all these issues can be dealt with and you can really improve your marriage sexuality so don’t think it’s the end of life.

There are so many strategies you can adopt to get back in the game, says Sharon Bober, and Dana Farber, the health specialists at Harvard.

What the duo is letting us know is that you can be sure to get back your sex energy, improve your marriage sexuality, and I will show you how in a minute.

5 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Sexuality.

1) Improve your Communication Skills :

If I ask you to rate communication in your relationship, what would it be? 99%, 40%, 15%.

You alone can answer that; but frankly speaking, communication is important in every relationship in general, but more important if you want to improve your marriage sexuality..

From the survey, I discovered that 75% of couples have great challenges communicating with themselves, and have greater setbacks in their discussions, especially when the discussions concerns sex.

Two things may be responsible for these.

1) Either they don’t want to talk about it.

2) They feel so shy to discuss it.

But, if you want to seriously bring happiness back to your marriage or double your sex life, or improve your marriage sexuality, then you’ve got to talk about sex without fear or shame.

Simply put ” your ability to discuss sexuality in your marriage is the main solution to sex challenges in any relationship.

Laying the groundwork for sex is a simple but often ignored solution to sexual problems: the ability to talk about sexuality.

Research proves that women who were not shy to tell their partners how they want to be touched have their orgasms during sex, and the men feel satisfied too.

The trick here is not to talk about sex when you are about to have sex, no. It is about when you aren’t having it.

Don’t let the discussion be just about sex, let it be on general, positive topics of all you plan to try to make sex good or even better, and how to solve other problems you are having.

But, it’s best not to bring up discussions about your sexual dissatisfaction or wrong discussions up at this time; it will create a negative feeling instead of positive, and all you want is to create an exciting and positive atmosphere for good sex.

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