Fear of commitment: 8 Quick steps to overcome fear.

fear of commitment

Have you been overwhelmed by the fear of commitment?

If yes, then you are not alone secondly, so many people are going through some commitment phobias as am writing this post now.

You only don’t have to let it linger without tackling it, otherwise, it will become a big problem for you.

However, I won’t let it happen to you.

That’s why I am here to guide you, and I will show you the steps by step to overcoming your commitment phobia faster.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

What Is The Fear Of Commitment?

It simply means being afraid of a long term relationship.

You’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you don’t have any plans to take it to commit to that relationship.

That is a sign of being afraid to commit to relationships.

Below Are Few Other Signs.

Few Reasons For Your Fear Of Commitment.

High Expectations.

You have a long list of what you want in a spouse, but nobody has been able to meet up with your list because they are unrealistic.

Of course, it is great to dream big, think big, and expect high, but it is not proper to have unrealistic expectations, because you will be frustrated if it fails to happen.

Take time and review your list, and delete the number that says “getting a perfect spouse,” because that can’t happen since nobody is perfect, even you.

Afraid to commit, commitment issues


You’ve gone through a lot in the past, probably someone dumped you, and you are afraid to pass through that again.

Now you see every relationship as not safe, and the fear of another heartbreak is holding you back.

Meanwhile, to move forward, you have to forget the past and move on.

If not, it will make you wait a long time; but if you free your mind, there will be good space to accommodate new things.

You Are A Mum’s Pet.

Mum said “it’s not yet time.” she said you should look for a tall, handsome/ beautiful person.

The question is ” what do you want?

If you are a mum’s pet, and you can’t stand or take decisions for yourself, it will hinder you from achieving many things.

Many times, you will be afraid to discuss certain things with your date because you are sure your mum won’t approve of it.

You have to take all the decisions for yourself if you should move up with life.

Childhood Trauma.

Studies show that your childhood experiences can seriously affect your life and health in the future.

Many experiences as you were growing up can cause you so much harm now.

Probably your parent’s marriage didn’t work well and it affected your emotions, you have lost faith in relationships.

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