The most important first date advice for you

So you are planning your first date, then here is some important first date advice for you.

Read this post carefully, and you are sure to get your next date right this time.

After reading this, you will learn why your first dates failed, then I will show you how to have the best first date.

The outcome of your first date will to a great extent shows the next steps to go.

You have to be careful now so you don’t spill the beans. Thankfully I am here to guide you. In this article, I will share some important first date advice with you.

If this is what you want to learn, then let’s get to it.

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The Most Important First Date Advice For You.

Fist date advice step one: Prepare Yourself For The Occasion:

Your first step to having a tremendous first date experience is to get yourself ready for it. It will not take you a year, neither would you have a preparatory class because of it.

Meanwhile, you should be ready for it. Take your shower and dress up properly. Wear your makeup and sweet perfumes.

Also, be ready to mingle with someone you are hoping to know more about in the future.

Be prepared for the question and answer sections of your meeting. Listening is also part of the game, so pay attention when you should too.

Dress to kill. Let your dressing create that first impression on your friend’s mind that you are elegant and a lovely person. As your friends when you are ready to go and be prepared to make some changes if necessary.

First date advice two: Choose The Best Location For Your Date

The choice of location for your first date is as important as the date itself; if you choose right, then you will have the best date.

So take your time to select a good place that will suit you and your new date.

It’s best to choose a natural place to avoid distractions, then concentrate on knowing each other better.

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However, if you already know what your partner likes, it will be easier to choose a location related to that.

I will suggest places like – cinema, parks, beach, restaurant, museum, and any other places that suit you.

Remember that your relationship depends on the outcome of your first date. Make this a memorable date from the beginning.

First date advice three: Choose What To Talk About During Your Date:

Now you’ve decided where to go for your next date, the next this is to decide what to talk about.

If you want that day to be remarkable, then there is a need to consider your first date conversation topic.

Decide what to talk about to keep the conversation going and interesting as well.

Nothing is frustrating as being on the first date and not having much to say to each other. Everywhere will be dull and the date uninteresting.

That can make you feel reluctant to go on a date again with the same person.

On the flip side of it, find a way to keep the conversation going, and you will always wish to have more times to stay together.

Let your conversation be a two-way thing and light. Don’t discuss politics, or about your past relationships. You are here to enjoy yourselves and nothing else.


First date advice Four: Be Original:


“Be original. That’s my best advice. You’re going to find that there’s something you do well and try to do it with as much originality as you can, and don’t skimp on the words. Work on the words.”

One of the mistakes you should avoid making on your first date is pretending to be who you are not.

Unfortunately, trying to be who you are not to get your dates’ attention will only work for a while; once they find that out, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

If you want to get a second date, or probably get your relationship to another level, keep things simple and original.

Don’t talk, catwalk, dress, or pretend to be Will Smith’s brother or sister just to get attention;  that will only work for a while. Be you.

First date advice Five: Be There On Time;

This is the most important first date advice to note. Being at the venue of your first date on time is also as important as the date itself.

I have seen many relationships failed because of time management. If you haven’t learned how to manage your time, let it be one thing you put more attention to.

It is very much important to show up on time at any time you have a date. So whether you are seeing a movie, eating out, or going out for a walk, if you don’t consistently show up on time, it will not tell good of you.

It shows you, potential partner, that you aren’t some to rely on. Is that what you want to portray at the beginning of your relationship?

I hope not.

So get to work and learn the time management skills so it won’t stymie your relationship.

First date advice 6: Maintain Your Boundaries:

Going on a date with someone you are yet to know could be so challenging this is the reason you should be ready to uphold your boundaries.

Your boundaries show your intending spouse what you like or don’t want during the first date.

It’s important to uphold your boundaries and keep watch how your date respects it; if he respects it,  then relax and enjoy your first date. If not, then that’s the red flag.

There is every need to feel safe on your first date, so don’t neglect it and whatever you should do to be safe.

Don’t be afraid to say no to any pressure from your date. Your best relationship is still on the way.

First date advice seven:  Don’t Tell Everything About Yourself:

It’s surely your first date and you want to enjoy it to the fullest. With the joy of being with someone new, you may want to tell all about you on your new date.

Just wait a minute: although it is not a crime if you do, meanwhile, let it be a puzzle to your friend.

Give them that opportunity to find out about you themselves. It will be fun if they find it out gradually. Dont you think so?

First date advice eight: Have Fun All The Way

The first date is always an enjoyable moment so have fun.

Don’t hold anything back. Enjoy all you can. If you date dressed pretty well, tell him/her.

If the venue is nice, say that and complement your new date for the right choice of venue.

Remember to be truthful and open about whatever you will say during your conversations.

If you are not clear about anything he said, then ask questions.

What Should You Not Do On Your First Date?

In as much as your first date should be the most enjoyable day, there are things you shouldn’t do on this very day, and I will show you in a minute.

Never be late:

I’ve already shown you the importance of getting there early. Unfortunately, many advisers said it is good to be late to your first date. No, that’s a lie.

Being late shows you can’t manage your time properly. To prevent that, get ready on time and set out early too.

Don’t Forget Your Manners:

Behave yourself throughout your first date. Don’t give your partner the reasons to wonder if you are worth dating or not.

That simply means you should take precautions in what you say, do, and all your actions.

Remember To Go Alone:

The appointment is just for two, don’t invite anybody to the special occasion, which is meant just for two, not for two or more.

Leave the group outing for the next time. Go and have fun with your new date.

Keep Your Phone Down:

It would be well to switch your phone off and concentrate on your date. You can look at it after your special occasion.

The best way to show your partner how interested you are in your relationship is to concentrate.

Now you know what you should or should not do during your first date, let’s look at another important question:

Is It Right To Kiss On Your First Date? 

If you are asking this same question, then here are the simplest answers to that question.

There is nothing wrong with kissing on your first date. It is not bad and it is not a sin. If the environment is okay for you; there is no special rule.

Many people prefer to go have sex on their first date, that’s what they want, and if their body chemistry gives them the go-ahead, nobody can stop you.

Meanwhile, let the kissing not come early or in the middle, let it be the last thing before you leave the venue.


These are my first date tips for you. They are all from my perspective, but they are surely the best advice you can rely on to have the best first date experience.

Which of the steps would you take first to get the most out of your first date?

We are waiting to hear from you.

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