17 Untapped Weekend Fun Activities For You Family Enjoyment


As the weekend approaches, I want to share some cheap weekend fun activities for families that want to have great fun this weekend.


The daily activities may have squeezed off all the time you have to be with your family and enjoy some moments together.


Thankfully, the weekend is close. You can use this weekend to have some fun weekend activities with family, and I will show you how in a minute.


Why Do You Need This Special Time With Family?


Family time is very crucial when you want to build great connections, love, and bond in your family.


Spending quality time with your family also helps to instill great values, improve security, promote a healthy lifestyle, and promote positive behavior among the children. That’s what these fun weekend activities will help you achieve.


Here’s What the Experts Say About Spending Time with Family:


Dr. Grummer says, “Quality family time—sharing experiences and creating memories—gives children that sense of belonging they crave.


Dr. Margot Sanderland, the author of the book ” What every parent needs to Know”, also said that:


“Activities that “release the brain’s bonding and attachment chemicals, namely opioids and oxytocin, which are also anti-anxiety and anti-aggression molecules,”

These activities encompass everything from rough-and-tumble play to storytelling in a screen-free, attractively lit bedroom; from artistic and creative projects to fun food and cookery sessions; and from exploring nature.

Whether that be the beach, woodlands, a hill climb, or just a walk in the park—to simply watching a good film together and talking about it afterward.”


What both experts mean is that:


As much as there is an adage that says that family is forever, it is still imperative to make your family healthier by spending quality time together.


So ensure that you carve out at least one hour each day to build a real connection with your family.



If this is what you want to achieve, then sit back and follow me closely as I show you most of the fun weekend activities that you and your family will enjoy.

Let’s dive in.


17 Cheap Weekend Fun Activities for Families


1) Visit A Park:-


The first cheap weekend fun activity to try is to look for a beautiful park where you can take your family this weekend, then sit at a corner with your partner, take some drinks, and watch the children play around the park.


You and your partner can also engage yourselves in other activities like playing chess, or snooker, or have good conversations that will help your marriage and your family at large. This is meant to be your day,  so choose what gives you the utmost joy. 


2) Treat your wife to a pleasant dining experience:

Surprise her by instructing her not to prepare anything and whisk her away to a nice and unexplored restaurant.

Arrive there before another person and savor an intimate ambiance. Select the best dishes together, indulge in flavorful appetizers, and enjoy yourselves as you discover new culinary delights together.

Create everlasting memories as you toast to the spontaneity of that moment, that will create a sense of adventure and shared enjoyment.


3) Do A Treasure Hunt:-


At your home, quickly plant some treasures using whatever you know that your kids love dearly, then draw a map that shows them the directions of the hidden treasure and then hide the map somewhere else.


Let the kids know that the treasure belongs to anyone that finds it. Sit in a corner and watch them joyfully hunt for the treasure.


4) Choose and Movie:-


Having weekend fun activities with your family also involves selecting beautiful classics such as Home Alone, Sound of Music or their favorite cartoons.

Play these movies again and again, that will create a shared experience where you harmonize reaction with your children.

Laugh with them, when you sense they are excited, jump and shout when the movie become thrilling.

This immersive engagement will not only entertain them, but will create sense of connection and shared joy. The good news is that your weekend will be fun and memorable for you and your children.


5) Visit Any Local Museum:-


This is another cheap weekend fun activity you can have with your family. Take your family to any of the local museums you know.


To make it more fun, check if the museum offers some special bonuses like giving gifts to the children during some specific times.


6)  Take Them To The Airport:-


Your children may have read or seen airplanes fly over their heads. Plan and take them the airport this weekend to see airplanes up close. The joy of witnessing a plane landing or taking off can bring great joy to them.

The experience of being at the airport and seeing plane in action can be both excited and educational for the children. It will help them learn better about airplanes and also create lasting memories too.



7) Visit A  Neighborhood:-


By now, you and your family have known your area very well. It may be a good idea to visit another neighborhood.


Take time to visit their zoo, museum, and other important places.


8) Do clean up:-


Think about cleaning up the whole compound together as a family. While the children are washing the dishes, you and your partner could be washing the car, or cutting the grasses in the compound.


9)  Have A Singing competition:-


Let each of you choose a favorite song and sing one after the other. The song can be accompanied by instruments if possible. Make it a real competition, and promise a gift to the best singer.


10) Visit a Zoo:-


This is one of the favorite places every family likes to visit for fun. This weekend, plan to take your family to any zoo around.


Most zoos have a free entrance or have a membership subscription. You can register your family if you will be visiting any other you want.


11 Offer to help:-


It would be fun this weekend if your family could offer to help the neighborhood. It will not only allow you to learn new things, but it will create a bond in your family and also show your children the importance of helping others.


Call your local library, hospitals, and motherless babies’ homes to know if they need your help.


12) Learn A New Hobby Together:-

If you are looking for some of the best weekend fun activities you will enjoy with your family and your wife in particular is to have a new hobbies


Take up a new skill with your family, such as horse riding, skating, skipping, and others. It will be fun when your children are watching you struggle to learn. It will also be great when you all acquire a set-out skill together. 


13) Go to the Beach:-

Going to the beach with your entire family is one of the greatest weekend fun activities you can share with your family.


If you live close to the beach, then plan to go there with your family for weekend fun. Pack your picnic bags and hit any of the beaches you love. Make sure to enjoy yourselves at the beach and have some snapshots for your family album.


14) Have A Romantic Dinner At Home:-


It will be fun to plan a romantic candlelight reunion dinner this weekend with your family. At the end of the busy week, all of you will gather at your dining table with some candlelight and nice background music as you enjoy yourselves.


15) Plant A Garden With Your Family:-

Find a corner in your compound and make a little garden with every member of your family participating. Be sure all hands are on deck and everyone helping in his/her capacity.


Make sure the plants are shared among their children so they will rejoice as they watch them grow.


16) Take A Dance Class:-


Take your family to a dance school and learn new dance steps together.

Connect with your family again by taking a dance class together at any local dance school. Research their new dance steps, move to the rhythm of the music, and laugh as you create memories.

Your whole family will be happy going through this experience. It is truly a fun and energetic way you and your family can spend your weekend. It is a way to create a sense of togetherness through shared experiences.


17) Visit Relatives And Friends:-


If you have some family or friends staying in a nearby town, the one of the cheap fun things to do to visit them this weekend with your family. Call them before the day of the visit and let them know your plans to visit with your family.


Make some dishes and drinks available if possible, for both you and the family you are visiting.


There is great joy in sharing.


Final thought:


The best way to connect with your family is to spend quality time with them. If you have not been spending time with them, then here is an opportunity for you.


Use this weekend to connect and build a bond with them. Don’t let your busy life get in the way.


Listed in this post are interesting weekend fun activities you can enjoy with your family. I hope this will help you get your family back.



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