9 Lovely characteristics of a loving husband


If I ask you to make a list of the characteristics of a loving husband, what will your list look like?

Your first in the list could be

1, handsome.

2, tall.

3, working man.


Really all these matters, but, there are so many things that make up the characteristics of a loving husband.


So if you are getting married soon and you want to finally settle down with a loving husband, or you are hoping to make your husband one, then you should read this post carefully, because I will show you what the perfect characteristics are.


This post will help you streamline your search, as well as reduce your length search for a good husband.


If this is what you want to know, then let’s dive in now.


Who is a loving husband?

A loving husband can be described as that man you feel so relaxed and secured to be with because he really gave you the reason to love and cherish him.

He may not be handsome-looking, but he has the characteristics of the man who loves his wife dearly.

In the book of Jeremiah 5:1, God described a good man as a man who is careful in his dealings with others.

Is that the type of man you want as a husband, or the man you want your husband to become?

If so, then here is how to know a loving husband.


9 Characteristics of a loving Husband.


1) Gentleness:-

Gentleness simply means “strength under control”. That shows that the lovely husbands know how to control their strengths, anger when their pets misbehave, the piano is not working properly and when the partner made a mistake.

Being gentle with your spouse means more than physical things.

It will greatly be noticed from the ways you handle things.

Your gentleness also shows when you are responding or interacting with your spouse. The loving husband is very good at managing their strength in other not to hurt the partner.


2) He knows how to “prioritize the positives”:-

In their book ” Happy together using the science of positive psychology to build a love that lasts”, Suzann and her husband James pawlesky, who is the director of education at the University of Pennsylvania positive psychology center said that ” positive do not happen without efforts”.


Don’t Let It Die.

According to them, many people allow those positive emotions of excitement, passion, and joy that existed naturally at the beginning of the relationship to die before trying to restore it back.

What they are saying is that those happy couples who are able to sustain their relationships for a long time are those who actively nurture and prioritize the positives than allow it to die.

Loving husbands always make sure to put actions in place to avoid love from dying.


3) They are Good Leaders:-

They are always reliable, have good initiative, and understand the proper ways to lead their families to the best parts of life. You’ll feel secured and relaxed to be around him.

Leadership is all about influence, that means you have to lead by influencing both the wife and the children positively without being dominative.

Leading your family forcefully like a dictator brings negative influences to your family,

You will fail as a dictator.

The dictatorship leadership skills never get good results, because it makes everyone becomes insecure all of a sudden.

Loving husbands provide good models of leadership, that’s why they achieve great results.


4) Self-controlled:-

According to the webster dictionary, self-control means self-restraint, or to exercise power over one’s emotions or desires.

That describes the loving husbands better because they know how to control their actions as well as regulate their behaviors to reach their goals.

The Bible said that a man without self-control is like a city broken and without walls.


The result of a conducted survey.

From the survey conducted in 2011 by the American psychological association, it was noticed twenty-five % of people who possess no will power were not able to reach their goals.

Those who have self-control are happier and healthier.

As a loving husband, you will achieve your goals, because you possess the qualities.


5) Matured Emotionally:-

You must be emotionally matured and be ready to control your impulses to be a good husband.

You will also have the capacity to deal with the disappointments, changes, and the general conflicts of life, marriage included.

A good husband should know how to balance all these constructively without affecting the relationship.


Remain resilient.

You should be ready to solve your marital issues instead of reacting impulsively to them.


6) He is trustworthy:-

One important key foundation of a good relationship is trust. It is also important to be aware that being trustworthy requires efforts and great and corresponding actions too.

If your partner can’t trust or rely on anything you say or do, then you are not a trustworthy husband.

Most men have destroyed trustworthiness with their constant lies and unfulfilled promises. However, When you are consistent with the emotional qualities, then your partner can depend on you always.


7) They prioritize their relationship:-

The daily necessities and routine of life will always be out to sniff your relationship with your family out.

To avoid this from happening, you should create more positive shared experiences and nice memories in order to keep things going.

The lovely husband always knows that relationships need constant efforts, investment, and commitment to keep it going, so they keep to that.

Keep working and never let anything take over your family time.


8) A good listener:-

A good listener is a good communicator also and they impact their homes with great wisdom.

Many men don’t pay attention when their spouse is conversing with them. It’s either they are pressing their phone or checking their emails. But the good husbands are always interested to hear what /heir partners want to say.

9) He is appreciative:-

Appreciation is another great tool when creating a happy relationship. Obviously, you and I know how it feels to be appreciated and we feel bad when we are not appreciated at all.

The good men appreciates their wives for every little thing, and they are ready to overlook the flaws.



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