Are you ready for marriage,signs you are ready for marriage

Powerful signs you are ready for marriage Now.

Are you ready for marriage,signs you are ready for marriage

If your wish is to get married any moment from now, then it is important to be sure you are ready for marriage. Never bow to peer pressure or rush into any relationship simply because your friends are getting paired daily.

it’s impertinent you get yourself pretty ready for marriage before taking that giant strides because marriage requires more than mere love to succeed.

There are principles for a successful relationship and if you are ignorant of those principles, then you’ll not go far in your marriage.

The good news is that I will show you those principles in this post if you stick around a little bit longer.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t rush into marriage now.

1) Marriage is sweet, but it is not always rosy:-

You’ve seen most of your friends married and most times you see them walking in the street holding hands and laughing and you are wondering when your time will come.

Well, your time will come and very soon too: but don’t think those couple laughs like that always.

They also have their fair share of fights and quarrel too, they only know how to sacrifice to make their relationship great after the fight.

2) Marriage is for a lifetime:-

At the marriage ceremony, People made a vow to be married to their spouses -in good health and in sickness till death.

I have heard people say they are ready to divorce and divorce again when the marriage isn’t doing well.

However, if you understand that marriage is for a lifetime, then you should know that it takes daily nurturing to make any marriage work.

3) Love is not enough to make a marriage successful:

If you think love is enough to make a marriage successful, then think again.

Love only helps you to kick-start the relationship, but it can’t keep you there for a long time.

Of course, you’ve fallen in love with him/ her and you are feeling the butterfly in your stomach. That’s interesting. But what if the two of you love each other so much and there is no compatibility, don’t you think all will not work out well.

4) Marriage will not make you complete:-

You are rushing into that marriage because you believe that you will be happy.

In 2012, research was conducted, and it was found that couples who were married were not as happy as the couples who live together and yet not married.

Also, the research conducted by the Bureau of economic researchers in 2014 shows that the only thing that matters is the quality of the relationship you have with your partner. “if you consider the person you married as your best friend, then happiness comes.; in that case, friendship comes first than happiness in every relationship.

For all these reasons I mentioned above, don’t you think there’s every need to get yourself ready first before rushing into that relationship?

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