7 Sure Ways of getting ready for marriage.

getting married, ready for marriage,have a happy marriage

It amazes me so much how couples put all their efforts and time into preparing for their wedding and spend little or no time at all getting ready for marriage itself.

It is supposed that the couple should take a good time to consider things like how to take care of finances, how to take care of the children, the number of children you want to have as well as who will take charge of whatever, before getting married.

These things are supposed to be a priority, but they are not even thought about until after the wedding and that’s why there are so many broken marriages today.

If you are about to wed in no distant time from now and have never thought about the life that comes after the wedding, then this post is for you and I will show you some things you’ll need to do as you are getting ready for marriage.

If you are ready, then let’s get going now.

getting ready for marriage

1) Get your finances right:-

One of the challenges  that rear up its head a few years after the wedding is the issue of money

A survey by Sun trust Bank shows that 35% of arguments in marriage comes from the issues of money and that if it takes couple-few years for couples to recover from other challenges, that many couples never recovers from that caused by money.

The fact is that couples don’t just have issues about money, they hide their transactions from each other.

However, this issue of money would have been sorted out before the wedding, but who really wants to talk about that when everyone is so excited about the wedding itself.

To avoid it from happening in your marriage, you have to start early and think of how to go about things like – whether you will have a joint account or not,  how to pay the bills and other important things.

Ready for marriage, have a happy marriage

2) Set goals for your marriage:-

The same way you set goals for your works or business to make you increase your productivity, you should also set goals for your relationship if you want it successful.

Setting goals helps you strengthen your marriage because it gives you the strength to work as a team to achieve a common goal.

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