I Don’t want a divorce: 9 ways to avoid divorce.

  • I don't want a divorce.

“I hate separation with all my heart and I love my partner so much, that’s why I don’t want a divorce,”

This is what one of my readers sent to my email.

What came to my mind after reading that mail was, Why would one spouse want divorce while the other doesn’t?

Isn’t there a way to solve this situation?

Granted, there are ways to stop divorce, and I will show you how in this post.

If you have ever said “I don’t want a divorce,” then you are almost on the verge of dealing with it.

Divorce is the worst thing that could happen to any marriage, though it is not the end of life.

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Just like you, no couple came together to separate the next day, months, or years.

They have plans to live together, have their children. However, they see things crumbling at a certain time.

The truth is that-
Even the greatest couple in this world could also be faced with divorce if they are not careful to handle issues in their marriages.

Question is:

Are there things you could do to save your marriage from collapsing?

Perhaps you have said it with your mouth that ” I don’t want a divorce.”

That is good. It is the beginning of the steps to save your marriage from failing. However, saying I don’t want a divorce only can do the magic, you must back it up with action.

This article is exclusively for you. But you can also share with those that are having challenges in their homes right now:

This article is equally important to those that are currently happy in their relationship.

Consider this as a way to thank God and take a mental snapshot of what you are enjoying right now in your marriage.

Some day you may find yourself going through the same, or a person you know may have the same challenge.

This may be a very useful tool to have then.

Check out these points.

“I Don’t Want A Divorce: How To Stop Divorce.

How to stop the separation from your spouse

1) Consider yourself first:

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