Toxic behaviors that destroys a relationship

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If your once a happy marriage starts going sour all of a sudden, don’t blame it on the witches or anybody. If you take your time to look inside, you may be convinced that the fault is all from you. It could be because of those toxic behaviors from you.


Some times we do things that hurt our relationships without even knowing. There are 5 toxic behaviors that are capable of causing a disconnect between you and your better-half.


In this post, I will show you what those toxic behaviors are, so you can avoid them in your relationship.


A time came in my marriage that I asked my wife to list some of my behavior that repels her, and I was shocked to see an endless list.


You can do the same too. However, if these 5 behaviors still exist in you, then don’t be surprised when you see your spouse avoiding you.


nagging husband, Toxic behaviors

1) You are a nag:-

If you are such that likes to murmur, criticize, shout, yell, condemn, etc, then you are a nagging husband/wife and your partner will never want to get close to you at any time and that brings a disconnect both physically and emotionally.
I bet this is not what you want in your Marriage.


The fact is that sometimes we don’t know we are nagging, but when you find yourself desiring people to do things the same way you want it, then you are in the game.


The truth is you are trying to make things work out the way you want it, but to the other partner, it’s a command (nagging) and no one wants to be commanded.


Most times its poor communication that leads to that, and constantly nagging your spouse means you don’t trust her /him, and you don’t think about his/her feelings too.


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