9 Things that brings success in marriage



Making a marriage successful is not rocket science, you will be shocked to know that most of the things you neglect are the things that bring success in marriage.


Marriage is not a day job, It is not even a monthly subscription: it is a life long commitment and so it requires good planning and daily nurturing to make it successful.
My advice to you today is to take your time and review all your plans concerning your family.


The reason why people opt out of their marriage is that they don’t have better information needed to bring success in marriage.


In this post, I want to reveal to you 9 neglected things that bring success in marriage.


Here they are

9 Things That Brings Success In Marriage.


1) Be Truthful:-

I have come to understand that one of the things that can bring chaos in a relationship is not being straight forward with your spouse.
Discussing issues openly without hidden motives or agenda goes straight to the heart and makes everyone feel secure.


Transparency and openness bring authentic relationships among couples. And having a successful marriage means two people with flaws understand themselves too well to stay together.

2 Trust:

What is the level of trust in your marriage? Only you can answer that, but understand that the success of your marriage depends greatly on the level of trust that exists between you.
Whenever trust is broken in any relationship, every other part of the relationship becomes effected,

Of course, every good relationship is dependent on the foundation of trust.
However, it is not Just about sexual trust, but :


a) Trust that you will not reject, control or harm one another.

b) Trust to love one another, not having any ulterior motives in mind.

c) Trust to make your marriage a top priority.

d) And then being faithful sexually.


If you really desire to sustain your marriage to the end, then you must know how to build trust in these four areas I mentioned above.


3) Love each other passionately:

If I asked you to describe your marriage, what would you have to say about it?


Is it loaded with passion?.
It doesn’t matter if you just got married or you have married a long time ago.
Let me tell you that passionate marriage is not only possible, but you can achieve it if you really want to.


We describe marriage as passionate when there is a good presence of “quality positive emotions ” in a relationship, which goes beyond a good sex life.

Question is, how do you stir this passion up in your relationship?


Here are simple ways to do that

(a) Flirt together:-

Marriage doesn’t mean stop pursuing your spouse as many of us think.
Take time to start dating again like before, when you desire to have him or her around you all the time.


(b) Be Positive:-

It is obviously easy to focus only on those things you don’t like about your spouse or concentrate only on the things she or he is supposed to be doing, but not doing it.

But, let me tell you that it will only destroy the passion you are craving for.
The only way to avoid it is by been grateful and appreciative even to the smallest things he/ she does.




(3) Be totally committed to your Marriage:-

Always see yourself as the only instrument for the success of your marriage.

It is true marriage works better when couples work as one.
However, to be more committed to your relationship means you are ready to sacrifice greatly to its success.

There are times when things will not look good, but you are ready to say ” I want my relationship to succeed so I will do whatever I could so that things will start working again and better.


(4) Understand that marriage has its own life:-

One thing the young couple finds hard to imagine is what marriage will be like in years to come.

The fact remains that no one will expect a relationship to be static, because nothing in life stays the same forever.

  • If you have children and grandchildren, your children will grow and bring new joy or challenges, and when you pleasures and problems with your grandchildren, they bring special effects on your life as a couple.
  • When you decide to take a new job and your partner decided too, then that will bring new growth into your marriage.
    Every mature relationship feels and looks different from the young ones and you’ll be more satisfied if you will achieve that.

(5) Never plan to change your spouse:-

You have heard this so many times, but I wish to remind you again that there is no force you can apply that can force your partner to change and become your dream spouse.

The best you can do is to change yourself first.
Any effort you are making to change your partner will only fail and backfire.
Even when he/she eventually changes because of your constant cajoling, then the next that follows is resentment.


(6) Learn to be grateful and forgive always:-

It is good to appreciate whatever your partner does for you no matter how little.
Snowing appreciations means you value your spouse so much.

Forgive your spouse when he/she spills the beans.
Remember no one is perfect, even you.


(7) Keep learning new things about marriage:

There is always so much to learn about everything and marriage is not different.
If you really want success in your relationship, then you should keep on learning new things.
Since you are reading this, I know you want success and it will come your way.

Many marriages are going through challenges now because they don’t know the next step.
So keep reading, attend marriage seminars and visit marriage therapist if need be.


(8) Invest more time:-

Relationships can newer thrive when you don’t invest time in it.

Every successful relationship needs an intentional good time together of couples and the fact is that quality time can never be when quality time is not available at all.

Take the relationship you share with your spouse as a precious ornament and invest a good time on it.
if possible, give at least 15 minutes a day to your marriage and see what will happen.


(9) Communicate effectively:

In every Happy marriage, communication is the most important Key that made it so.

The happy partners have more time to talk about their children, finances and other things.
They also talk about their hopes, dreams, fears, and anxiety.

They never hide their feelings for each other and they pay quality attention when the other partner is talking.



Ensuring the success of your marriage starts in your mind.
If you really want to achieve it, then you must follow the step I shared in this post.
And remember, happy marriage will not come by merely washing. you have to do the needful to get what you desire.

Thanks for reading. I am still your friend Murphyaik.
See you at the top.

Aik: AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers have been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed by coming to this site.