Separation in Christian marriage,

Separation In Christian Marriage: 13 Things To understand Now

Separation in Christian marriage,

In this post, we will be looking at separation in Christian marriage, steps to take to separate as a Christian, and what the Bible says about separation.

In the last month, I have written several articles about marriage separation, including, how to avoid separation anxiety, the best way to go about the separation process, important separation boundaries you must have, and how to create a good separation agreement.

Today, let’s look at how to go about separation in Christian marriage.

This post will make more sense to you if you are a Christian and your marriage has been plagued by emotional pains and conflict for a while now and you are looking for a way to navigate separation.

Let’s work on this together.

However, I will like you to think properly before you take any action you want to take now.

Understand that separation can have a great impact on your children too and because of that, I think you need more time to deliberate about it before taking your next step.

The question is, Should Christians separate?

The truth is that whether it is a separation in Christian marriage or normal marriage, we at happy marriage builders will not support you to indulge in it unless you are physically or unsafe in the marriage.

Another reason why you can consider separation in Christian marriage is

1) Your Marriage is Unsafe And Your Partner Is Abusive:- Nobody will blame you to remain in a marriage when you are feeling unsafe, or you are being abused by your partner.

If you remain with an abusive partner, one day you may be killed. The funny part is that your abusive spouse can justify his or her actions in self-defense especially if your wife is the abusive partner and the court will see it that way

Therefore whenever you notice any form of abuse, whether physical or emotional abuse, your first step should be to find a safe place immediately.

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