15 highly neglected marriage problems to note.

Marriage killers

Overlooking all the marriage problems that normally rears its head in marriage, as well as not taking proper steps to avoid it or overcome it is one thing most couples failed to do.

The reason why there is a steep increase in the statistics of divorce is that couples were either too busy to see those marriage problems, or they were unable to deal with it fast.

divorce rising daily,

Before anything could happen, there must be signs and warnings, however, if there is no proper plan in place to stop it, then the end result becomes fatal.

In this article, I will be able to demystify the marriage killers to you, so you can wear your shield of protection.

There are so many marriage problems, and most times, they look so insignificant that you may not give much thought to it, yet it is eating deep into your relationship with your spouse.

You hoped your marriage will be very smooth and romantic, but what you are seeing right now is completely opposite to the dreams you had initially.

It was not in your plan that you will ever quarrel with each other, yet you never stopped yelling and shouting. It is not your fault.

Here is why all those things are happening; you were so negligent to see those subtle marriage problems before it pounced on your marriage.

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But don’t worry, by the time you are through with this article, you will see how easy it is to prevent this marriage problem from affecting your marriage negatively.

In this article, we are going to be looking at those highly overlooked marriage problems and how you can avoid them.

Now, let us dive in immediately 🙂

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15 Highly Neglected Marriage Problems To Avoid.

1) The tussle for power:-

Marriage is not politics, it is a union of two good forgivers right, but how come sometimes there is a power tussle between you and your partners just as it is in politics.

The power struggle is a time in a marriage when every couple is more interested in being right and you are ready to prove the other wrong.

I remember what a friend told me the day I visited the house to settle a dispute between him and the wife; he called me out and told me that all they are doing is just to know-how will be the master.

He is trying to prove himself as the man of the house, and the wife is also proving to be the most qualified member of the house. But why should this happen in a marriage?

It is simple! It is very easy to blame your partner, instead of thinking of a better and proper way to make your underlying feelings known.

Couples who are stocked in the game of ‘why should this happen’ are more likely to struggle for power, because they are so much on the lookout about “whose fault it is”.

“It was your fault that the children were not brought from school on time;” “it is your fault that we did not get that apartment,” “you don’t think about your family all you know is your work,” all these you will hear from them.

You can blame your spouse for all the mistakes in the world, but you are simply turning the mistakes to be the fault of your partner.

Think of what will happen when your partners respond to all these negatively; it will result in argument and then fight.

Now tell me what will become the faith of your marriage at this time.

2) No trust for your words:

Words are important, but understanding the proper ways to use your words is more important. It can be very easy to forget actions than words that came out of your mouth.

I said this to let you know that if you let your words be too unusual that nobody will have confidence in them, then you have made the greatest mistakes.

One of the things that makes a marriage happy is trust, and your spouse will trust you more if they can rely on you and your words.

Never give your spouse the reason to lose confidence in words.

It begins when you say those things you are not sure of or promise those things you are capable of doing.

I was a victim of promising so many things that I didn’t do; not that I didn’t want to do it, but I did not do it, and this caused a crack in my marriage until I was able to rebuild the trust.

It is better not to promise anything at all and still go ahead and do it, that saying it and not doing it at all.

If you neglect this second point, then your marriage may be threatened so much and may become worse by the time you come back to your senses.


3) Expecting perfection from your spouse:-

You know you are not perfect and you should not seek perfection from your spouse too. When you start expecting more than your partner can be or give, you are not doing yourself any good because you will feel bad when they fail to do or come up to your standard.

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