How to have a successful second marriage now.

You had conflicts in your last relationship right? You are going to see so much of that too in your second marriage, and here is why I said that; in relationships, conflicts are part of the game.

Even the researchers were able to prove that no marriage can thrive well without conflict, because It helps you and your partner understand your likes and dislikes and therefore abstain from that.

Now let me make this clear to you: expect to have more conflicts as you go into this relationship, don’t avoid it, and don’t run away when they come.

Learn how to deal with them effectively and above all,  understand that your relationship didn’t fail because of conflicts, it failed because you didn’t manage it properly. Knowing all these will help you have successful second marriage.

5) “Know Your Limitations”:

Knowing your limitations is an important way to have a successful second marriage.

It is important you know your limitations and table it to your partner in the beginning. You know your mistakes in your first relationship and you also know your contributions that helped to an extent.

At this point, you should consider what sacrifices and compromises to make so your relationship will work this time.

Also, think of what you are not willing to compromise in and share them with your partner and let him /her do the same thing.

Should there be any children from your past relationships, then discuss how to take the responsibilities of those children and make sure both of you are okay with the modalities.

You have to be clear on how to assist your partner in making your relationship successful.

How to have a successful second marriage


6) Communication Effectively:

The most important recipe for a successful relationship is communication. This is not just about conversing with your partner but being able to know what communication skills that build or destroy your relationship

Understanding this will help you communicate effectively because you know what works and what wouldn’t.

Learn to be open to your partner and ask for clarity when there is a need for that. Don’t hide anything from each other. Communication is a good tool to have when you are planning to have a successful second marriage.

Few Second Marriage Problems And Solutions:

-You Are Holding On To Your First Marriage: It may be hard to forget your first relationship, especially if you loved your partner dearly, and if the course of your relationship failure was little.

My second marriage advice to you is to let go of the past and move forward.

Those memories can hold you back from giving your best for your new relationship.

– Are You Ready To Be A Step-Parent? This is a question only you can answer, but frankly, this will determine to a great extent how successful your second relationship will be.

If your partner had children from the last relationship, and both of you knows about it and went on with the marriage, then you must be will to accept them and nurture them as your children.

– Old Debt: It is imperative to know that your new partner may have some debts, and they may become big issues in the future.

Try and talk it over with your partner and then plan how to handle it together.


If you wish to know how to have a successful second marriage, then I have provided some marriage tips you can learn from here.

One important piece of advice you have to take very seriously when seeking to have a successful second marriage is to discard anything from your past relationship from your mind because it can hinder you from moving forward in your second marriage.

Discuss your details with your new partner; let him /her know if you have children and how to take care of them.

Consider what will bring problems for you in the future and prevent them.

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