15 Minutes a day to nurture your marriage

Nurture your marriage

One day, I overheard a woman asking her husband for just 15 to 20 minutes to share something important; and that opened my eyes to know that you can use 15 minutes a day to nurture your marriage


Trust me; I know that you are a very busy person. The activities of the days like taking the children to school, house chores, jobs, getting the groceries have swept all the time, and not even a second is left for you and your partner to share.


But, let me let you in the big secret why marriages fail, so you can strive to create an edge for your marriage, right from this moment.

  • 15 Minutes A Day To Nurture Your Marriage


 1) Couples time is imperative

Research conducted by the Creighton Center for Marriage and Family says

“Time is one out of the problematic issues from married couples especially in their first five years of marriage”.

There are one thousand four hundred and forty minutes (1440) in a day; if you sleep from six to eight (6-8) hours in a day, then you have good 1000 minutes in which you are awake.

How many minutes can you reserve out of those times you are awake just for you and your spouse to spend together?

You see,  having time to spend with your partner can only be likened to saving something precious for the raining day, and just 15 minutes daily will set the ball rolling.

Not spending enough time makes you and your partner grow distant emotionally and distance brings the unavoidable death of intimacy and passion. So the beginning of happiness in marriage lies in those little times spent together.

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     So create the time

Like I said initially, there are multitudes of distractions every day that will swallow your time, but, you must create the 15 minutes if you want your marriage to succeed; that is just one percent (1%) of the day. Could it be hard for you to share with the love of your life?

If you said “No”, then

               Let’s create that time together

Reduce your time on television:

This may sound simple, but when you think of how many hours you watch television, it will dawn on you that your marriage will be very much better if you could spend just little of that time with your spouse.

By reducing your time on TV, you will have more time to nurture the three main important things in marriage which are sex, sleep, and conversation.

Forget checking your mails:-

Technology is good, but if the user is not properly checked it can take up all the time we have.

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