Where To Start In Planning A Wedding: Succeed Now.

02) Choose Your Date:-

I don’t know about you, but one of my local adages says that once you choose a date, you’ve already done the event. This is because once the day comes and goes, whatever happens, has happened. So whether the wedding is successful or not, you have had your wedding.

So, choose your date, and do that wisely. There are many logistic factors to consider as you choose your date, including-

  • Season:- To me, Fall and springs are the best time one can think of a wedding, although that depends on your State. It will be costlier to Wed during the peak season, especially when you are choosing a venue, and there may also not be enough dates to choose from. People book the popular dates 15 months before the wedding so select the best date that suits you.
  • Weekdays:- Weekend weddings are in popular demand, which makes them high in price also. You will also have limited choices for vendors and venues. Having your wedding on weekdays is much better and will cut your cost down so much. Every day of the week is better than a weekend, so go on weekdays and not the weekend.
  • Festive Periods:- Do choose any of the festive Periods for your wedding, because things will be costly for you. However, if you want it during the festive period, that book your venue and other things before that time.
Successful wedding, planning your wedding well
03) Create A List Of Your Wedding Day Priority:-

What are the things you won’t want to miss as you plan your wedding? This is what you should do with your partner at this point that you want to know where to start in planning a wedding. Would you want a specific photographer, DJ, or videographer? Which venue would you choose or a live band?

As soon as you write these things down, you’ll be able to know which item to forego and which to prioritize, which will also help you to cut and stay within your budget.

04) Finalize You List:-

After creating your wedding priorities, your next step in where to start in planning a wedding is to narrow your list down. For every step you take here, always have the capacity of your venue in mind.

Also remember that if your parents are supporting your wedding, then you must give them a slot in your wedding list. However, let them know what and how your venue is and budget it. Do not go beyond the number of people you plan to invite, even though you know some will receive some regrets from those you forgot to invite.

05) Set Your Wedding Budget:-

Are you surprised that setting your budget came second in my list of where to start in planning a wedding? The reason is that all the budget and planning begins with the list you have.

And just like I said, your list depends on who you want or don’t want to invite. Now that your list is down, you know you have captured the names of those you won’t like to skip as you are sending your invite.

Your list will guide the way you set your budget. The biggest 3 items that will be in your budget are how much you are willing to spend, where to spend it and where to spend it. Before you start ticking it off from your wedding planning checklists, make sure that the budget is closed.

Take your time to select the necessary items from the check list before any other things. All according to the list you have planned earlier.

06) Choose A Venue:-

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