Why you must stop comparing your spouse

If you still find yourself comparing your spouse with others, then this post is for you.

Here’s what I mean

We all have some ideas about the kind of person we want to have as a partner.

Some of us wish for someone that is sound and intellectual, athletic, handsome, tall, and some prefer just a nice guy, jovial, and understanding.

The fact is that even when we finally get married to that same person we have always desired, we still find ourselves comparing our spouse/ marriage with those around us.

Sometimes we find ourselves either knowingly or unknowingly telling ourselves that our neighbors wife or husband is better than our partner. But that will not help our relationship.

Here are a few negative things comparing your spouse/marriage can do to your relationship 

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– Studies conducted some years back shows that when you constantly remind someone of his / her failures and faults,  time will come when he/she will be demoralized.

–  You may find yourself resenting your partner and you are likely to start fantasizing about the Person you seem better your partner. And you know what that means.

Truth is that you don’t really know how exactly that person is, only the partner can tell. Forget the updates you See on the social media
they are just mirage, people post their best moments on social media, but once they are offline, they become lion on sheepskin.

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