Dating your spouse again in 9 simple step

Dating your spouse again, how to boost your marriage

Dating your spouse again could be the best decision you take when you notice that your marriage is not going the way it should.

If you noticed that your marriage is not going well, if your marriage is going through some stress at this moment, then dating your spouse again could be the solution you need.

If probably you thought that dating your spouse ended immediately after the wedding, then you’ve got to rethink.

Dating your spouse again has to be a continuous process and should last as long as the marriage lasts.

Before we go further, let’s look at what dating really means.

What is dating?

It simply means finding a way to make the connection and bond between and your partner stronger and better.

And at the end of it all, your partner becoming extremely happy and thankful for having someone like you as a partner.

According to,  ” it is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.”.

If you could understand how to keep dating affects your relationship, then you will see good success one more time.

Here are a few reasons to date your spouse again.

Dating helps to improve your marriage.

From the study conducted by the National Marriage Project of Virginia University, a lot of improvement was seen from married couples who engaged on regular dates.

The study also proves that couples who devoted time to stay together at least once in a week do not only improved their relationship but also stay happy in their marriage.

These are the reasons I am sharing these with you today, so if you have not been dating your partner before, then here are few dating tips to guide you.

 9 Ways Of Dating Your Spouse Again

Dating your spouse again, having romantic dates


1 Go On Date

It amazes me greatly about the increase in the number of couples who don’t go on dates, and yet everyone knows that going on dates helps to improve relationships.

Most people will blame it on their busy schedules.

But no matter how busy we are, it is imperative that we create time to go on dates together.

Going on date shouldn’t be a nightmare for us since we can make it very simple.

Making big plans will always scare you from going on date, meanwhile, remember you can have it at home too.

Just make sure you have some good moments together, anywhere you are going to the date.


2) Concentrate On Your Spouse:-

Here’s what I mean.

You shouldn’t neglect your children entirely, but just concentrate more on your spouse and give attention to their pressing needs.

When you show concern for your spouse’s needs, they feel happy and ready to do more for the marriage.

Children are the “light of your home,” no doubt but,  but remember that before they came to life, both of you were there.

one day they will all grow and go away, leaving just the two of you alone.

3) Always Spy On Your Partner:-

This doesn’t mean that you check their emails, phone, or cupboard to know if theirs a foul play somewhere.

You simply need to take some minutes to observe and admire your spouse.

Admire them when they are getting ready for work and advice on what will be better.

It will add a little smile to their faces and you know that smile is good for health and marriage too.

4)  Make Him/ Her Feel special Always:-

Don’t assume your spouse knows what they mean to you, just find a way to demonstrate it.

And it shouldn’t be long before you do so. If you can’t do it in the next few hours, then you are waiting too much.

There must be a way to let them know. Maybe by dropping a little romantic note under her handbag, or slipping, I love you not into his briefcases.

Serve him/her tea on the bed and just his/ her office during break time for lunch together.

Dating your spouse again, dating


5) Go Site Seeing Together:-‘

Think of any city, hotel, restaurants around you have not or don’t visit often and visit there.

As you drive there, don’t give room for dull moments,

Sing, play games, and share how beautiful or ugly your day has been.

6)  Always Getting him /Her to laugh with you:-

The result of the study conducted at the University of Kansas revealed that one of the good ways to measure the romance levels of every marriage is by how much partners laugh together.

The study also shows that the more time you make your partner laugh, the better they become attached to you, which also leads to romance.

In that case, you should try as much as possible to introduce laughter all the time even if you are not a jester or a professional comedian.


7) Reminding them how Good It Feels To Be Married Together:

Pause for a moment and check when last you told you, partner, how you love to be married together? If you haven’t done so for a while, then this is the time.

Write a note to him/ her and express how you appreciate all the support, and how you will marry him/ her again and again.

Doing this will help to strengthen your relationship.

A study conducted in 2011 describes that “Friends or partners who express their gratitude regularly are more comfortable talking openly with one another about relationship concerns”.

So find a way to express all you feel about him or her always.

8) Courtesy

Remember when you met each other newly, you did all you can to behave well when you are together. You iron his clothes, help h adjust his tie and he opens the door for you when necessary, just to win each other.

Now all those seem to have ended few months after ta he wedding, but if you are ready to improve your relationship at this moment, then it’s time to start dating your spouse again, and then you’ll see things falling in place.

However, those courtesy gestures are as important now as it was before. To find out those things that worked for you before and do them again from today.

Dating your spouse again,


9) Request That Your Spouse Teach You Something New:-

Everyone wants to be desired and one good way to make your partner feel how much you value him or her.

To make them feel great, ask them to teach you something new (expertise). It will increase the feelings of love between you.

Think about those things you are craving to know and she/he knows it, and request that they teach you.


if you are willing to improve the status of your relationship with your spouse, the best thing to do is to start dating your spouse again.

Use the listed advice in this article and make tremendous changes that will last forever.


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