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7 Weird tips on how to be happily single 0

7 Weird tips on how to be happily single

How to be happily singleIn this post, you will learn how to be happily single as you expect your soulmate to come someday.

Have you ever thought about what will keep you happy now that you are still single? There’s really no reason to feel frustrated because no one is proposing to you or because you lost your relationship to divorce.


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Single and happy, happy men

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You can really be single and be happy. Being single is not hell as people portray it and it is not the end of the road either.

Although it could be disheartening when your friends are getting married; but you can really stay happily single until you find your soul mate.


Below are a few ways to keep yourself happy until you are married.


Here’s How To Supercharge Your Single Life

Dear, in as much as I am praying fervently that your soulmate comes soon, Let me also show you why you should not be depressed by your current status.

I am pretty sure that after reading this part of my article, you will be convinced that you are still honored to be single. That will give you the courage to quit wasting time dwelling on single status.

Here’s it


” Every woman in her late 20s goes through a period where she just doesn’t believe love is out there anymore, but it is. And I think the minute you stop looking for it is when it comes to you.”

From Kristen Bell.

And your partner will surely come one day, but before they come.

Understand that as a single you still have the chance to.


Dating, happily single, lovers

–  Learn New Things:

Since you are alone, you have the chance to learn to do many things on your own, which includes cooking, washing, fixing your devices, taking up new language lessons.

Do make good use of this time to learn whatever skills you want because you may not have the opportunity when you are married.


– You Have Uncluttered  Mind:

It is no joke that it takes time to maintain a committed relationship. Susan Winter, a well-known author says that ” intimacy and partnership takes up a lot of spaces in our head”

Although we do so unconsciously but consider what it takes to think about your partner, your children, your little fights with your partner, and how to take care of your relationship generally and you will know what it’s like.

Truly, you do a lot of thinking too as a single, but it is more when you are married.


– You Can Save Good Time:-

It takes couple a lot of times and works to make their relationships successful. They put in tremendous efforts to achieve that. I mean the phone calls, text messages, taking care of the family in general.

When you calculate all the time, it’s enough to do other interesting things.

As a single, you have more time to yourself.

Single parents, single mother, single father

– You’ll Be More Focused:

Now you know that you are not answerable to anyone, therefore you should know how to take proper care of what matters more to you.

Being single makes things clearer to you and just as it was discovered in the latest research ” experiencing something alone results in your brain having a clearer and lasting memory.”


– You Still Have Your Time:

Obviously, being married looks as though you have some Cops watching your every move. You wouldn’t have much time for yourself because you have many things to think about your partner and children.

However, as a single, those are not important to you, so you have ample time to think and fend for yourself.

According to Dr. Dardashli, ” many people say at the time they are in a relationship, they have lost themselves.” The reason is that they stopped doing things independently.

Being single gives you the opportunity to focus on developing yourself better.


– Creative:-

Having more time for yourself will help you increase your creative thinking. You’ll think faster and deeper when you don’t have many things to think about rather than yourself and your most pressing needs.

Now you know that being single is a blessing of its own, let’s look at how to be happily single.


Happily single, single lady

7 Weird Tips On How To Be Happily Single.


1) Don’t Rely On  What You Think:-

It is imperative you know that there’s still room for you to get hooked up someday. Therefore try and zero your mind from all your thoughts that all the good men have been taken.

The truth is that there are still chances for you to get marry.

Try pushing those negative thoughts from your mind, instead, speak positive words to yourself. I have composed some self-love affirmations you can use to recreate your mind for better results.


2 Accept Where You Are Currently:

The truth is that you are single and unless it happens at the moment, you will still be single. Therefore, you have to accept that fact in your brain and keep yourself happy until your Mr/Mrs comes.

Don’t feel so frustrated and stressed when your friends are getting married or when you are being pressured by your family members.

Learn to enjoy where you are at the moment and take advantage of it to add value to yourself.

When you look around, you will see reasons to be happy. It is not the end of the road and believes me when I told you that there light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy, single and happy

3) Focus On Being Your Best Self:

Being single gives you the opportunity to care more about yourself and devote yourself to making your dream and visions come true. So you should engage yourself with those meaningful goals you have.

Devote more time to yourself and do what you love to do best. Understand who you are and what brings the utmost joy to you and then give more time to them.

Learn new things, find new hobbies, enroll in learning a new language and cooking skills. You will find happiness doing all these.


4)  Learn To Encourage Yourself:

If you keep thinking about your single status you will not move on with other life matters.

Things will be a little better when you know how to encourage yourself. Don’t wait until people pat you in the back to be happy. Always remember that things can change any minute.

Speak life to yourself on a daily bases and also reward yourself for all your little achievements.


5) Forget Your Past And Move On

Sometimes the pains of our past keep you unhappy and depressed. To move on, you really have to forget what happened in your past relationships and pursue new love.

Dr. Taitz says that ” so many people ate afraid of their past and can’t think positively about finding love again.” He also advised you to try everything there is to avoid being hunted by your past relationship experiences or your Ex.

If possible, erase anything that reminds you of it. Unfollow then on social media, delete their contacts, and destroy the pictures.

Again, do not compare your past relationship or ex with the new one. Start on a new page.


6) Treat Yourself Often:

Treat yourself as though you are the only one on earth. The truth is that your happiness is in your hand. Live your life to the maximum and concentrate on what makes you happy. Travel all over the world if you can, visit five-star hotels for your breakfast and just enjoy your life.


7)  Reconnect With Your Best Pals:

As a single, you have the chance to meet and your friends. There will be no chance like that when you are married, so use this opportunity to connect with them they may be the help you need to succeed in life before marriage.


In conclusion:

Understand that you have the best opportunities to have the type of life you want now that you are single.

Using these points I listed here, you’ll be able to stay happily single until your soulmate comes.

Till then, keep improving yourself. Find new opportunities, hobbies, and treat yourself better. Encourage yourself and mostly love yourself.

These are your key recipes for being happily single.






How to ask a girl out without being rejected 0

How to ask a girl out without being rejected

How to ask a girl out


It’s interesting when you meet a girl you cherish so much and she willingly gives you her number, but your greatest challenge is knowing how to ask a girl out.


Don’t worry, in this article, I will show you how to do that in so many ways.

– I will show you how to ask a girl out over a text.

– How to ask a girl out in person

– what to say to ask a girl out.

– And how to ask a girl out at the group

In the end, you will completely understand how to ask a girl out on a date.


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It’s normal when you feel nervous talking to a girl to go out with you; but you can do it, following these steps I will show you here.


How To Ask A Girl Out:

1) Gauge If She Likes You:

It’s imperative you know her interests for you. Passing glances at you, smiling, and talking with you is not a clear sign that she’ll want to go out with you.


If she didn’t do those things I mentioned above, it doesn’t mean she hates you either. Sometimes they may be too shy to do much too.


If you want to know her interest in you, you have to try touching her when you have a chance for that. A casual touch can do wonders and it can remove fear from your eyes too.


If you don’t know what will cause you to touch her, try cracking a joke and gradually touch her finger as you laugh. If she is relaxed at the touch, then look her straight in the eyes and ask her for a day out. She will not decline it.


Check her Enthusiasm:

You can tell if a woman likes you by her level of enthusiasm. You can see her sense of enthusiasm from how relaxed she is when you are with her.


2)   Choose the Right Place And Time To Ask Her Out:

You have found out that she likes you and you are ready to ask her out. I suggest you look for the best place and time to do that.


Asking a girl out when she is having something bothering her at that moment will not work out.


Again, when she is in the midst of her friends when she is hanging out with them, it may not be a good place either.


If she is the shy type, she will not be comfortable to give you a good answer in certain places, especially when she feels people will tease her.


If she seems bothered about anything, then forget asking her out as well. “It is never a good idea to ask a woman out in places where they don’t expect to be approached.”

Going on a romantic dates

3) Know What You Want ( Don’t send wrong signals):

Before you make your first move, you’ve got to figure out what you want first.


Are you looking for someone to settle down with or just a friend?

Don’t approach a girl if you are not sure what you want.


Knowing your intentions gives you the boldness you need.


Be sure of what you need. If all you need is a casual relationship, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if you want something serious, you need to add pressure to your skills and also try pushing the right way so you can get a worthwhile answer.

4) Practice And Memorize What To Say:

Benjamin Franklin says that ” If you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail.” No matter how smart you are, there is a need to plan how to go about it.


Plan what to wear and what to say. Planning will help you to avoid her form misunderstanding you.


Your best date should be the kind where can you talk properly and exchange details about yourselves and have fun too.



That’s why you should plan pretty well on how you should talk so she feels at home to tell you the best time and the best place to go in other to avoid distractions.


Planning will make you feel comfortable when asking her out. Even though you should not repeat your script word for word, but you know what to say, because you planned it.


5) Be Confident Of Yourself:

If you choose to approach a girl for an outing,  you’ve got to be confident in yourself first.


Most men fail or get a rejection because they guaranteed that.


Looking at them, you will know how confident they are. You have to be composed and put off fear. The worst that could happen is to get a rejection. But you won’t get that when the girl didn’t see fears in your eyes.


Be bold, chest out, heads-up, don’t look on the ground, shoulders up, and look her straight in the eyes as you talk.


She will be intimidated by your courage. However, when she sees fear in you, she may want to pose a little tougher, and then you feel rejected and quit.


How to ask a girl out, dating, love

6) Are You Compatible with Her?

Check if you have common interests with the girl. Are of the same age? Be sure she is someone you’ll always want to spend time with because that will guarantee your happiness with her.


7) Give Her Reasons To Say Yes:

Every girl wants to go out with someone thy fee) relaxed and secured with. You will need to make her believe you will give her a nice time when she goes out with you.

Here’s How

How did you ask?

This is very important when you are asking her out face to face.  For example, If I just come to you and ask ” would you go to a restaurant with me? That sounds weird and you will never say yes even if you want to.

But if I  ask you ” would you want to have an amazing lunch with me today?” She will likely accept.


Don’t just ask her out; warm her up first. The same way you blow you hot coffee cold before  sipping or have foreplay before sex, supercharger her to say yes,


If she is not tuned to what you want to say, you will likely get a no. So start with little pleasantries to wet the atmosphere, and then ask.


Love a girl, text her

How to ask a girl out over a text:

If you are not seeing her face to face, then the alternative is to ask her over a text and you should be careful when doing that.


Proven ways to text a girl


May I tell you that asking over a text is not that simple too. It’s a bit more complicated than you think, but I will guide you through that also.


It’s however much easier to ask over a text that in person if you a nervous when it comes to talking to a girl.


– Give complements:

This is one of the huge parts of texting a girl; first know-how to complement her in a more polite way and the best way to do it is to stay confident, interesting, and funny.


Be playfully light. Just get her smiling and laughing all the way. Remind her of some interesting moments during your first date. The secret is to try things that will soften her mood before asking her for a date.


– Ask her about the things she enjoys.

– Check her texting styles, if she uses acronyms, consider using it too.

– Just make her smile, you can send her funny texts too.

It’s improper to just send her to go out with you immediately, make the ground soft first before asking.

– Send her sweet things:

If you want to start a relationship with her, then tell her sweet things. Start building a friendly relationship with her.


Don’t ask immediately but send casual text messages for at least 3- 5 times.


Send morning greeting, afternoon, and evening greetings to her.


If she told you about anything that matters to her, then send texts asking about it.


Don’t rush the invitation, things will gradually fall in place for you.


Ask a girl out over text

How To Ask A Girl Out From Group.

First, you shouldn’t approach this with fear, or else you will fail. Don’t approach directly, pretend as if you are not confronting anyone in particular.


Try winning over the friends before hitting your target.


Ask general questions, so everyone can give her opinion. Be part of her group first and gradually look for loopholes ( gradual opening).


Start A Side Conversation:

Now you are part of the group, you can gradually transition into relating with your chief target, use eye contact to communicate your feelings. Make comments without letting other people hear. Make your conversation interesting to distract her from her friends in the group.


The group may gradually leave the two of you, but if they didn’t, and you feel things are not working your way, disengage yourself and focus on using eye contact. If she likes you she will show you through her eye contacts too.


Just wait for the meet her alone next time.


In conclusion :

I wish I was able to show you how to ask a girl out in this post.

You really have to summon the courage and ask. No one will jail you for asking her out, you can only get a no.

If you choose to ask her out over a text or from a group, just do it, don’t procrastinate. It is either you get the date you want or not. However, always be ready to let go if things didn’t work out.

You can always get another girl that more beautiful, interesting, and lovable.


Question is:

Which of these steps would you try first? Share with us in the comment section.


See you at the Top.

I am still your friend murphyaik.



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Important first date conversation topics 0

Important first date conversation topics

First date conversation topics, conversation starter


It is not always good to divulge all about you on your first date and so I have compiles some interesting first date conversation topics to guide you.


Divulging all about yourself to your date is the last thing you should do: and that brings the hardest part of the dating.


And of course, this is your first date and you are kinda nervous about what to say.



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The good news is that even if you are not telling all about yourself at once on your first date, there are still many other things you can talk about. And I will show you in this article.


As for what to wear on your first date, I suggest you wear whatever you feel convenient in.


If your greatest fear is about what to say while you are on your first date, this post is for you.


This is the best first date ideas you’ve been waiting for and in the end, you should be able to learn the best first date conversation topic, as well as the first date conversation topics to avoid completely.


If you are ready, then let’s get started.


First date: first date conversation topics:


Talk About Yourself, But Don’t Say All in One Day:

This is your first date, and one of the first things your date will want to know is about you, and you should be able to tell about yourself. However, I always advise my ready to be careful not to tell everything about them at once, at least give your partner the opportunity to gradually discover you.


The  question now is:

What will be your response when your date asks you to tell about yourself?

Yes! That’s always their first question, isn’t it? And that’s also a valid question to ask, so how do you reply? Don’t worry, I am here to guide you.


This is how to go about that:

The truth remains that your answer must be honest, and yet you shouldn’t give out all. You shouldn’t let out the secret details of yourself.

If you check the question properly, you will understand that is always ” to tell something about yourself.” Not to tell all about yourself.


To answer that question, you have to start with the basics.

Like- your family

Your origin, city, or location.

Interests (hobbies)

Your job, work,  etc.


Don’t tell about how bad your last relationship was, how you still love your ex, or how fast you want to marry.

There is still time for that and not on your first date.


Things to talk on your first date

 Don’t Talk About Politics:

A study conducted by the standard University in 2013, politics was found to have a 3% effect on matchmaking (source elite.com). According to them, politics has been associated with arguments, backstabbing, cheating, and heated arguments; while dating is all about fresh and new opportunities, therefore the two can not go together.


I am not saying you shouldn’t bother to know where new date stands on politics or other things but sometimes talking about this on your first date may get you excited and sometimes you become over judgemental which can harm your first date.

It is advisable to you wait for other dates to talk about that.


First date conversation topics

Should you Talk About Your Ex?

There had been soo many questions about how necessary it is to talk about your ex on your first date or not. If you ask that question too, here’s my take to that; yes! However, you should allow the subject to come out naturally, and if your date didn’t probe you about further clarification, you should not bother to tell about your ex flaws or amazing qualities. Just limit it on about having a date before.

If you pretend you never had, your new date may feel there is something fishy

Here is how Susan describe it

Susan the writer of Breaking up Triage: The cure for Heartache says ” Letting someone know you have an ex shows that you are human with human experiences.” But there’s always a better way to let your new date know than rushing into it before your new date asks you. Don’t dwell on the topic for so long, be brief.


Here’s a Checklist to guide you:

1 Do not call names- just refer them as ex.

2 Quit being positive about it-  they may feel threatened.

3 Avoid being negative either- describe than just as you do your former boss.

4 Don’t ask how many they have dated before.


The main reason your new date ask about you= ex could be just to how long you have been in the relationship and probably to know if you are still interested, so don’t say much, just go straight to the answer and move on with other conversation.

Talk About Job And Not Your Salary:

Talking about your job on your first date is good and simple, but it’s not proper to talk about your salary.

It is imperative to avoid money trouble on your first date; a new survey shows that ” money is always the argument couples have and you may plant that first seed in your first date by talking about your salary.


Don’t tell what you earn. Let the topic be personal. Talking about salary is not such a good thing to talk about. There will be other times to do so in the future.


Fargo Propel case study shows that “the best time to tell your partner about your salary is the first six months or your relationship” (source, bustle.com).


Date, dating

Ask Questions:

Be ready to ask questions, if possible prepare those questions before going for the date.

Don’t let questions be one-sided, it should flow back and forth. When you answer more questions that you ask, you look uninteresting and self-absorbed.

When the conversation is balanced they covey good engagement.


 Below are the first date conversation starter questions for you.

Ask About Their Favorite:


Ask your date to share about their favorites -like hobbies, sports, color, football team, and food. Register them in your mind, because you may need the information again during their birthday or another special occasion.


Can You Cook?

If you are a food lover like me, be ready to ask your date about their cooking experiences. If both of you love cooking, that maybe your second-day date idea.


Ask About The Family:

Asking about the family makes the conversation smooth and light. That proves you want to feel connected yo their family too: and it also helps you know how he/she related to the family too.


What Do Your Best Friends Look Like? Do You Have Any?

According to Shanks, ” if your dates best friends sound like rowdy crowds your date likely falls into that category as well. If your dates best friends spend most of their time gaming, it’s likely your date falls into that category too. (Source, bustle.com).

When you ask questions about the friends they keep, you will understand what your new date is like.


What Exactly Are You Looking For?

Be careful when asking this question so it doesn’t sound like an interrogation. You may ask them how kind of relationship they want or what brought them to a dating site.

From their answers, you should know if the relationship worths it or not.

You should know this from their expression if it makes them uncomfortable.



With these first date conversation topics written down for you in this article, you are assured of what to talk about during your first date.


I wish you the best on your first date.,

No, tell me: Out of all these points, which of them would you try first?

Use the comment box to share your experience.

I will be waiting to hear from you.


I am still your friend murphyaik.