How to ask a girl out without being rejected

How to ask a girl out

It’s interesting when you meet a girl you cherish so much and she willingly gives you her number, but your greatest challenge is knowing how to ask a girl out.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will show you how to do that in so many ways.

– I will show you how to ask a girl out over a text.

– How to ask a girl out in person

– what to say to ask a girl out.

– And how to ask a girl out at the group

In the end, you will completely understand how to ask a girl out on a date.

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It’s normal when you feel nervous talking to a girl to go out with you; but you can do it, following these steps I will show you here.

How To Ask A Girl Out:

1) Gauge If She Likes You:

It’s imperative you know her interests for you. Passing glances at you, smiling, and talking with you is not a clear sign that she’ll want to go out with you.

If she didn’t do those things I mentioned above, it doesn’t mean she hates you either. Sometimes they may be too shy to do much too.

If you want to know her interest in you, you have to try touching her when you have a chance for that. A casual touch can do wonders and it can remove fear from your eyes too.

If you don’t know what will cause you to touch her, try cracking a joke and gradually touch her finger as you laugh. If she is relaxed at the touch, then look her straight in the eyes and ask her for a day out. She will not decline it.

Check her Enthusiasm:

You can tell if a woman likes you by her level of enthusiasm. You can see her sense of enthusiasm from how relaxed she is when you are with her.

2)   Choose the Right Place And Time To Ask Her Out:

You have found out that she likes you and you are ready to ask her out. I suggest you look for the best place and time to do that.

Asking a girl out when she is having something bothering her at that moment will not work out.

Again, when she is in the midst of her friends when she is hanging out with them, it may not be a good place either.

If she is the shy type, she will not be comfortable to give you a good answer in certain places, especially when she feels people will tease her.

If she seems bothered about anything, then forget asking her out as well. “It is never a good idea to ask a woman out in places where they don’t expect to be approached.”

Love a girl, text her

3) Know What You Want ( Don’t send wrong signals):

Before you make your first move, you’ve got to figure out what you want first.

Are you looking for someone to settle down with or just a friend?

Don’t approach a girl if you are not sure what you want.

Knowing your intentions gives you the boldness you need.

Be sure of what you need. If all you need is a casual relationship, it wouldn’t be a problem, but if you want something serious, you need to add pressure to your skills and also try pushing the right way so you can get a worthwhile answer.

4 thoughts on “How to ask a girl out without being rejected”

  1. Re: point 1 (above), since there is no chance whatsoever that any woman could “like” me, it would be pointless checking if a woman does – no matter how attracted I am to her. There is no evidence to support a contrary perspective – as a fundamentally unattractive man, this is reality.

  2. I’ve never approached a woman in my life no matter how attracted I am to her – it’s a given that she will not be attracted to me. There is no point in approaching – I’ve observed guys who are successful with women and there is no way I can do what they do – so there is no point in trying.

      1. Approaching / touching (as you suggest) is a good way for me to be accused of harassment. Unless a woman gives me an unambiguously clear sign that she wants me to physically touch her there’s no way I’m going there. As a fundamentally unattractive man, I have zero chance with any woman. So it’s not worth trying.

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