sweet words, women want to hear from men

30 Sweet things you’ll hear from a man

sweet words, women want to hear from men

Men have different ways of expressing their love to a woman.
They may be too reluctant to do so many things you expect them to do, and you may be asking if that man truly loves you. But obviously,  there are sweet things you will hear from a man who love you so much, to know they actually do, even if they don’t do certain things.


Truth is that you can know if he truly loves you from the type of sweet words that comes out of his mouth, after all words also plays an important role when expressing your feelings.


Here in this post are 30 sweet words you could hear from that man if he truly loves you.


# 1) you are everything to me, I can’t stay a bit without you.

# 2) Since I first met you, I can’t stay minute without wanting to be with you.

#3) It’s amazing how everything has changed with me since I met you, I don’t want to spend a moment without you

#4) The best and the only place to be is with you, no place else is worth being because I always have peace whenever am with you.

#5) I always feel so in complete without you.

#6) I know I’ve Made so many mistakes as a man, but please, don’t withdraw your love from me. I may go mad if you ever do.

#7) You are the only one I want to love, you are all I dream of and I will like to spend the rest of my love to me.

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