Proven steps to plan your marriage before your wedding.

Consider asking yourselves these questions before marriage.

  • Do you have any financial goals, and how can we achieve that?
  • Is there any way I can help you when you are stressed?
  • Do you want children, and how many would you want? What should we do if we struggle to have children?
  • What is your communication style?
  • What are your boundaries?
  • How much time alone would you want?
  • What are your joy triggers and your fears?

After asking and answering these questions, then you will know how prepared you are for marriage.

I will also suggest the following two important steps to help you.

Have a goal written down.

It is obviously the most important goal for you to have a stable marriage wherein you and your spouse are both committed to its achievement.

It is then more important you make other smaller goals that help you achieve your aim. Success is always the best motivation; those little complementing goals will motivate you the more to achieve your goals because you can see the fruits.

You can plan for weekend dates for you and your spouse, which helps to sustain the sparks of love that have been existing. You can also make it a point of duty to talk about your marital issues at the end of the day.

Plan your marriage before your wedding.

2) Be honest.

Another way to plan your marriage before your wedding is to be honest from the very beginning. It pays to be truthful when you are planning for a happy marriage. Honesty brings trust and lies brings distrust. Never say the wrong things because you want to win your spouse. Eventually, every lie will be noticed and trouble will start.

Below is a checklist of the effects of lies in marriage

  • Lies Destroys trust and trust is the backbone of every relationship.
  • It leads to other lies and deception, which will eventually destroy the relationship.
  • Lying shows how selfish one is.
  • It prevents great and empowering conversation.

When you consider all of the above consequences of lies in a relationship, you’ll see why you should desist from it. One of the reasons why lies destroy marriage faster is because of its nature of first bringing a distrust; and when your partner finds out your lies, they automatically become afraid of you, probably you’ll hurt him/her again.

3) Consider Going For Premarrital Courses Or Class:

To truly plan your marriage before your wedding, attending premarital classes or courses is a good idea. It will work best for you if you are still in the sea about what marriage really is. You will learn many things you don’t know about marriage there.

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  1. It is important that every couple plan the future of their marriage from the very beginning.

    This will give them an edge when things start crumbling.

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