One new habit that will fix your marriage fast.

If your marriage is quickly falling apart, and you think you have tried everything you could to save it, then you have not tried this one new habit that will fix your marriage back.

I am very sure you are not finding it funny when you think about the situation in your family. A few years ago,( probably at the earlier years of marriage), things were all rosy.

There were also moments of joy, peace, and happiness. People were asking you how you made it so. But something happened. Things started crumbling down. Your once a happy marriage becomes a completely devastated one.

You have gone to the best marriage counselors in town, yet things remain the same. You have read so many self-help books, you have played tapes too, yet it is still the same thing.

It is Okay!

I know what you will do to solve the problem. I am very sure you have not tried this one habit that I am going to share with you before.

It is a very simple habit that you can imagine, yet it will go a long way to patching the holes in your marriage and bring those sweet moments back to your home.

One New Habit To Fix Your Marriage.

1)’Choose to See Only the Good In your Spouse

Marriage is the union of different men and women from different homes, religion and even ethnic groups.

There is, therefore, no reason why there will not be different characters or different mindsets. That simply shows that there may be times when your opinions may not be appreciated by your spouse.

There also may be times, when your spouse will do things that he thought, is the right thing, but that one thing is disgusting to you.

The only thing I suggest you will do is to overlook them. Choose only to see and count only the good things she has done so far.
Many couples are so bent on keeping scores of the wrong instead of the right. That will only hurt your marriage the more.

This is what I learned from my dad:

One day when I was still at my junior school, I came back one day from school and my mum gave me my lunch to eat. When I tasted it, it was all salty and indelible that I refused to eat it, suddenly my dad came back also from work and the food was served to him also.

To my uttermost surprise, there was no bitter expression in his face. I expected him to shout to my mum, but he called my mum and advised her to go and take some rest because he knew stress was the reason for that mistake.

I learned a lot from that. Someone else would have been very mad at the wife.
It is better to keep track of the good doings of your spouse instead of the wrongs. It will help you fix your marriage.

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