How to have peace in marriage: follow these steps.

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Every journey begins with a step, therefore if you are looking for how to have and maintain peace in marriage, then there are steps you’ll need to take to get your desired results, and until these steps to maintain peace in marriage are taken, you will struggle in your relationship.

In this article, I want to show you how to have peace in marriage, even when you have lost all hope.

This post will make much sense to you if you have ever said something like ” I have no peace with my husband or wife,’ or if you are looking for how to have peace in a loveless marriage. 

The truth is that there must be challenges in marriage. Some things will make you even consider separation or divorce which are inevitable. 

However, when you know all the possible marriage killers and avoid them, you are sure to have a lasting marriage

Resolving conflicts is not easy, that’s why it is important to know how to maintain peace in a marriage instead of dealing with the trouble itself.

What Are The Importance Of Peace In Marriage?

Why is it important to maintain peace in marriage, and how can you find peace in a bad marriage?

These are two very important questions; if you answer them correctly, then finding peace in your marriage won’t be hard for you.

Thankfully I have so many answers for you about the importance of peace in the marriage.

Below are a few of them.

  • The absence of peace in marriage will cause your marriage to be stressful for you.
  • Peace makes it easy for you and your spouse to disagree with each other without fighting each other.
  • Without peace in your marriage, you’ll almost want to quit the relationship, because you are no more enjoying your relationship anymore.
  • You must be peaceful to attract peace from your spouse.
  • Peace helps to make your home successful. Without peace, your partner won’t want to come home which means your couples time has been jeopardized.
  • It’s easier to deal with your marital issues when there is peace in the marriage.
  • Having peace in marriage allows you to live your life more effectively. It also enhances communication and promotes unity among couples.
  • When there is no peace in your marriage your whole family will be affected, even your children.
  • Peace will help you and your partner to work on your financial issues together and build sustainable and lasting wealth in your finance.

10 Ways To Have Peace In Marriage.

1) Believe It’s Possible.

The first step you will take today in other to have happiness in marriage is to believe in your mind that it is possible to have a positive, good, and lasting relationship with your spouse.

Everything starts in the mind. Many couples are always so negative, that they only see their marriage getting worst, and because of that, they have already made up their minds to divorce because they believed that things can never be the same way again, but that is not true because everything is possible to then that believes.

2) Believe with your heart

It is also important to know that believing alone can not bring the happiness you desire in your marriage but to start putting up the actions that could help to make it happen.

One of the things you must do is to bring out your paper and a pen and start writing down the entire steps you must take to make this marriage happy.

Think about the things you must do, all the sacrifices you must make on your part in other to bring joy.

Write them down and paste them where you will always see them.

3) Give them up if possible

You heard that right: to maintain peace In marriage, you may need to give so many things up immediately.

Ask yourself; what are the attitudes I will inculcate in my marriage? What are the things I will let go of?

Remember your main goal is to take the first to have a happy marriage. Always try and say only those things that bring an atmosphere of happiness between you and your family.

Remember that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Marriage is first done in the mind, so start on the first day to think and speak positively about your marriage.

Picture how your marriage will look like, see how you and your whole family are having lunch in the dining.

Again learn to call forth what you want in your marriage. With your tongue, you can “prophesy” about your marriage and what you said will happen.

The success and failure of your marriage are in your hand. If that is true, then do whatever is needed to have the type of marriage you ever wanted.

There’s power in your tongue, You can use it to chat throughout your life. Declare only all you want, and you will have them.

4) Always Apologize First:-

To have peace in marriage, you will know how to be the first to apologize to your spouse, even when you are not the course of the problem. Marriage is all about effective communication, adjusting, understanding, and especially sacrificing.

It is natural to err at any time and in your relationship. Knowing how to resolve the matter is more important. The best way to go is to identify what the problems are and ask for forgiveness if you are the course.

It’s also important to say sorry when you are not the initiator of the problem. That doesn’t make you a jerk, it only shows how committed you are to your marriage and your willingness to make your relationship successful.

5) Don’t Be In The Blame Game.

If you are looking for how to have peace of mind in a relationship, you should forget about blaming each other.

Playing the blame game is a bad and damaging approach to any issues in your relationship. Blames and finger-pointing will destroy your relationship instead of saving it. Therefore remove it from your relationship entirely

The bad effects of blame games are that they will

  • It will make your spouse defensive- When you continue to blame your partner, it won’t be easy for you to resolve your problems as a couple. The reason is that when you blame your spouse he becomes defensive instead of apologetic. Any time to force your partner to be in a defensive position, you have made your problems harder to deal with. Therefore to avoid problems and to maintain peace in marriage, you must avoid blame games and finger-pointing.
  • It destroys Emotional Safety-Emotional safety is important in every relationship; the only thing that can affect it so much is blame. When it broke, your relationship won’t work again.

6) Don’t Stop Being Kind To Each Other-

Another good step to having peace in marriage is to learn to be kind to yourselves and respect yourself too. Being judgemental and critical will only make your partner defensive and resentful.

Therefore, choose to make things better In your marriage instead. If you love to shout at your partner or attack his character whenever you are angry, you have to stop it and embrace peace. Shouting at your partner will only cause resentment and withdrawals so avoid it completely.

7) Learn To Appreciate-

How often do you appreciate your spouse? Well, that’s left for you to answer. But if you want to have peace in your marriage, you must learn to appreciate those big and small accomplishments

Most people in long relationships are always victims of this: they easily take themselves for granted. Meanwhile, the experts said that couples should learn how to verbally express their appreciation to their spouses on a daily bases.

Just find ways to show your appreciation. For example, be fast to tell them how you love to wake up beside him/her every morning and show them how you have missed them after a busy day. Tell them what you love about them and vice versa.

Look, everybody wants to be appreciated, even you. Appreciation gives us the power to do more. There is no motivation like saying “well done” to your partner. It goes a long way to make your relationship successful.

8) Don’t Sleep With Your Problems Or Sweep them Under The Rug-

There will always be challenges in your marriage; they are inevitable. The best solution is to resolve it immediately; don’t go to bed with it, or sweep it under the rug. When your unsolved problems become too many, they will overwhelm you and your relationship.

Never run away from your problems, sweep them under the rug, or overlook them. Face them squarely immediately so they Stop growing bigger.


9) Look For Help When Necessary-

Some problems may be too hurt for you to handle no matter how you tried. Yes, it is good to attempt to solve them with your partner; if you succeed in solving them, congratulations! If not, look for help

There are people trained to help you deal with your marital problems. Marriage counselors are everywhere. Locate one of them to help you. If you are not sure how to find one, I have an article you can read to learn all about how to locate a counselor near you. Read it here.



Pray to God concerning any step you want to take concerning getting marriage, so he can direct you.

You can not be successful in anything without Him. That’s why Proverbs 3 verse 5 reads ” Trust in the Lord with all your hearts and lean not on your understanding: in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your part.

These are the simplest nuggets for a happy relationship.

Thanks for reading.

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