How to be a better lover: 7 Steps Revealed.

Let me show you how to be a better lover in 7 easy steps. Probably you have tried so many things else that didn’t work effectively, and your partner is seriously requesting that you step up your bedroom activities or maybe you are sure you need some improvement.

Whatever reason you have, you are reading this post because you know you are bad in bed and you were searching for how to be a better lover. I welcome you greatly and I promise you a great improvement if you’ll follow these 7 steps I will show you.

What Does It Mean To Be A Better Lover?

I described a better love as someone that is greatly cherished by the partner because the partner knows how to fulfill his/her sexual obligations. The truth is that when it comes to sex, there are great differences between the male and the female. However, the only thing that can either bring them together or drive them apart is the experiences they have with each other.

The positive or negative effects of all our unfulfilled sexual experiences are not only felt by all the partners, but it also goes ahead to gradually undermine the bonds that hold us together in relationships.

Lot’s of people think that being a better lover is all about how good you know to sex, of course, it is part of it, meanwhile to be the best lover, is all about how we connect with our partner during and after sexual intercourse, it’s about attractions which we should strive to hold firm throughout our relationship.

Many relationships have failed because of loss of attraction. Frankly, it is good to have good sexual techniques, but it is much better if you strive not to be disconnected emotionally or mentally from your partner because when you do, the desire for sexual intimacy with your partner will also be affected.

I Have Good News For You:

if you have already lost your sexual intimacy with your partner, then this post is all about how to be a better lover this year. Yes, you can ramp up your sexual prowess, you can rebuild that connection one more time if you follow these actionable plans below.

How to be a better lover: 7 Steps Revealed.

1)The Way You Interact Matters:

Communication is the key to every successful relationship and the same rule applies to sex too. Marriage experts say “that the best way to take the temperature of your love life is to have good communication and honesty with your spouse.”

But the men were thought the wrong thing initially, and that’s to keep their thoughts within them. That’s wrong, and if you continue with that, you are setting a time bomb to destroy your relationship.

According to Gary Chapman, “About all of these dimensions of marriage, consistent, honest communication is the indispensable foundation for success.” simply put, If you have been taking communication likely in your relationship, this is the best time to improve it.

The best part is having communication about sex. Investigation shows that when you get comfortable with talking about sex to each other, it will help you during lovemaking. The ability we have to tell our partner the type of touch we want and the type of things we expect during sex is a great skill.

Kate McCombs, a relationship educator says that when a couple avoid talking about sex, you “may avoid some awkwardness, but you’re also settling for suboptimal sex.”

She reiterated that when you have these vital conversations, your relationship will achieve psychological, emotional, and mental benefits. It’s as simple as that.

2) Ask More Questions:

Another good Step on how to be a better lover is to be very open during your conversation with your spouse about sex. Ask more questions if necessary. Although it may sound too ridiculous and unemotional to admit you don’t know exactly what your partner expects from you during sex. But it’s better to admit and ask questions than keeping it to yourself.

That will not help you become the better lover you wished to be. It may not be pleasant to ask questions during sex; asking the question before or after can be the best, and asking your better half what he/ she want less or more of, what they fantasize about, or what new techniques they want to explore will help your sex life a great deal.

3) Learn To Text And Talk Dirty:

You heard that right: obviously, it helps to learn how to talk and even send dirty text messages to your partner. Scientists have proved our brains to be the biggest sex organ, that’s why you should plan to use it rightly to function for you.

This year, if you should improve on your sex life, try to program your mind to use sexier words often, and you will thank me later for that.

You and I know that touching and kissing your part often helps during sex, but do you know that using the right word at the right time can give you more sexual advantages? I know it can’t be easy for you in the beginning, gradually it will become part of you and you have acquired another sex skill you never thought of.

Start by knowing what your partner likes most and then convert it into sexy text messages, or words; it works like magic.

4) Connect Fully, Don’t Be Distracted:

If you must achieve to be a better lover this year, you must not let anything distract you from the things that matter most in your relationship. Take things seriously and let your relationship be your priority.

Respect your relationship as well as your partner. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or short term, understand that it comes first before any other thing especially during lovemaking; remove any distraction, keep your phone far from your bedroom so you can concentrate on how to satisfy your partner.

Be observant to know what your partner wants at this point. If they want to role play, dress up, or try something new, do not hesitate as long as you are comfortable with it. On the other hand, if your partner says no, that means he/she doesn’t want that. There is no need to keep doing what will not help you achieve your aim of becoming a better lover.

5) Focus On Your Pleasure Also:

Top view of cheerful woman waking up after sleep and stretching on bed. High angle view of beautiful girl lying on bed and stretching after wake up. Awake woman wake up in morning and feeling fresh after a good rest.

You may be wondering why I added this to my list of how to be a better lover. I did because many of us concentrate on how to satisfy our partners and forget about ourselves. In as much as you shouldn’t be selfish during sex, you shouldn’t forget yourself as well.

Many people experience love in different ways. Many people are turned on when their partner is also turned on and feeling pleasure. When this happens, it builds such energy that gets everybody to the point of having a great time which also leads to orgasm.

This won’t happen when you only concentrate on satisfying your partner alone. So, think differently, keep the communication open and make sure that you are on the same page when you are having sex.

6) Learn To Build Excitement And Anticipation

Learning how to build excitement and anticipation during lovemaking is another important point on my list of how to be a better lover. The question is, what does it mean to build excitement or create anticipation?

It’s simple; it’s all about giving Your partner the fun he/she wants during lovemaking and also giving them reasons to look forward to having sex with you again and again. You can start some “emotional foreplay” first before going into sex proper.

Moali suggests we see foreplay as something we have to do hours before we plan to make love. Just decide what you want as a couple.

Below are a few ways he suggested:

  • Touch each other long enough even when you aren’t making love.
  • Send romantic notes or place them at some strategic parts of your bedroom, Etc.

It’s better to create the atmosphere before you go into the room for sex.

7) Take Is Slow And Steady:

Rushing into sex will not profit you anything, my advice is that you take things nice and slow especially during; foreplay. Some couples have benefited a lot from slowing down and you can benefit too. What I mean is that you take time to savor your partner’s body and take good time to get him or her aroused.

The truth is that the more aroused two of you are before sex, the better sex experience both of will have says Maoli, and again, during sex, don’t be quick to enter, aim at satisfying each other because lovemaking is give and and take.

I will also advise you to try oral sex if you haven’t done that before. Oral sex will help you and your partner to increase your chances of orgasm. The research conducted by Osmo Kontula Ph.D. and Anneli Miettinen MSSc in 2016 shows that there is a correlation between frequent orgasm and oral sex.

Let me also tell you that there will also be a great likelihood of orgasm when there is an increase in the duration and quality of foreplay before sex. So concentrate on foreplay.

In Conclusion:-

In this post, I have described to you how to be a better lover. It will not take you time to achieve if you will follow the steps I explained here. All you should do now is to take action from today. You will see things working out in due time. Just make sure you follow my steps one by one.

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