Here’s The Best Age To Get Married For Women.

I have been asked so many times about the best age to get married In this post, I will answer the question so you can be prepared to make your first move.

Knowing the best age to get married woman is the first step to take when you are planning to marry a woman.
The marriage researchers and data have also proved that there is the best age to get married for women and there is the best time for men and the worst age to marry.

For example, going into marriage at an early age can result in divorce; in other words, getting married very late can also be problematic.

Davis who is the founder of Luma Luxury Matchmaking says “There’s no best age to get married, but there is the best time and that is to get married when you feel confident and comfortable in your job and personal life.” Source.

That being said, let’s look at why one should wait for the best time to get married.

Why Should You Wait To Get Married?

There is an upside to waiting for the best age to get married.
According to W. Bradford Wilcox, Women who get their education with some experiences in their 20s and married in their ’30s benefit more than those who married earlier.

Also, marrying at the best time helps reduce the number of divorces. When you marry at the right time, you will have the opportunity to be fully prepared for marriage.

Many relationships have failed because people rush into them without being ready. So take your time to do things step by step so you get the best results.

Here is a Checklist Of A Few Other Reasons You Should Not Rush Into Marriage.

1. Marriage Requires Maturity. Yes, you heard that right. Marriage requires maturity. At least you have to know your right from your left and also be able to make worthwhile decisions on your own.

Marriage/relationship is not for someone who lacks patience, forgiveness, self-esteem, and self-control. Therefore, you must be sure to put all those things in place and then know you know you are ready.

2. So you can have time to know your partner a little bit. Another important reason to wait till you are mature is to take time to know your partner a little bit before hooking up.

You must know that marriage is different from an ordinary relationship, it’s a lifetime thing. That’s the reason you should know each other before marriage. When you wait for a little while, you will study yourselves and know if you are compatible or not.

3. You and your partner will have time to grow individually and as a couple. As you are taking time to know each other, you will be growing together and learning what works and what doesn’t work. Knowing these will help you greatly to build your family faster and more effectively.

4. When you rush into marriage, you Will rush out. The worst step you can take when you are ready for marriage is to rush into it. Ask those that you know who rushed into marriage and they will tell you how bad their experiences are.

The truth is that those who rushed into any relationship also rushed out of it. So I implore you today to take your time to plan your marriage and learn your partner to be.

5. You will be forever anyway so why rush in? As I have said earlier, marriage is not a one-year or two-year thing; it is long-term. If it is for the long term then why should you want to rush it? You will still have enough time to live, so take it nice and slow.

6. Life Experience: Waiting before committing to marriage allows individuals to accumulate life experiences, fostering personal growth and maturity. These experiences include navigating relationships, overcoming challenges, and understanding oneself better.

This accumulation of wisdom equips individuals with valuable insights and perspectives, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively, empathize, and compromise within a marriage.

Ultimately, this readiness derived from life experience lays a stronger foundation for a successful and fulfilling marital relationship. If you consider all these reasons why you should not rush into marriage, then you’ll know waiting for the right time and age is paramount.

So what’s The Best Age To Get Married For Women And Men?

Here’s the best age to get married for women.

According to studies conducted by Marriage experts. Nick Wolfinger, the best age to get married for women and men is 28 and 32. The experts said that those who marry at this age are not likely to get divorced.

If you are older than 38 years and haven’t married yet, don’t spike me; that was a mere statistic and your husband can come at any time by God’s grace. So don’t get worked up yet.

The reason for choosing 25 and 32 years of age is because the scientist believes that the last part of man’s brain to mature is the frontal lobe. The front lobe develops from 30 and it plays a big part in future planning, especially in decision making and self-management.

Therefore any decision made below this age can be wrong.

Carrie Krawiec, a marriage therapist from Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, Michigan says “People are supposed to be married only when they are old enough to understand the difference between true compatibility and puppy love, yet “young enough” that they’re not set in their ways and unwilling to make adjustments to habits and lifestyle.”

All these show that very young marriages and teen marriages will not stand the test of time. Also, when you look at the statistics about divorce, you will find out that the highest number of people who get divorced are those who married at the age of 20 to 24 years.

It is from the age of 20 to 30 that people’s professional career begins to come into play and finance can be worked out by this time too. Kemie King says  “the age where ‘love’ is less idealistic and people are a little more realistic about their expectations.”

Few Things Women Must Do Before They Get Married.

Now that we have talked about the best age to get married for women, it is also important you learn these few things you need to do before getting married.

Sarah E Stewart,  says “Marriage changes things, ” You go from ‘all about me’ to ‘all about us.’” She says that if one is not careful, she will lose him or herself in the process.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, then check out the list below to note a few necessary things you should do before getting married.

Have The Initial Experiences: Relationship experts said that it Is important to have good experiences before getting married, and one of the ways to do that is to date and have relationships before marriage.

You will be opportune to learn both the good and the bad side of relationships as you date. From there you will know what to inculcate in your marriage when the time comes.

I love how Fran Walfish Psy.D. described that; having relationship experiences and baseline experiences and comparison provides you with the point of reference. They will help you in your future relationship.

• Learn To Be Financially Free:

As you are getting experience, it is also good you strive to be financially free too. When you have a solid hold of your finances, will be sure you are ready for marriage.

When you have a good-paying job or career, that means you are financially free, and then “you know you are not getting married because you need”. Being financially free makes you stronger because you know you can pay your bills without depending on your partner.

Develop Some Good Hobbies:

I am sure you will be surprised how developing hobbies will help you be ready for marriage. The truth is that hobbies will not only help you to be interesting, but they also will help you have your time and space. This will come only in handy when you are married.

Irrespective of what hobby you choose, you will be too busy to be attached to tensions and stresses. Those will help you greatly when you are married.



In this post, I have talked about the best age to get married for women and what you should do before getting married. I also described the worst time to get married. All these are to help you as you are getting ready for marriage.

Remember you are the one that will take the next steps, so take your time to do the necessary things you should do now, and then wait for the right time to get married. Also, remember that when you rush to marriage without experience, you may have your fingers badly damaged.

Start getting acquainted with what you should do in the future by dating now that you are single. Experience is always the best teacher.

I am still your in-house counselor Murphyaik. See you at the top.

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