Serious effects of lack of sex in marriage.

Effects of lack of sex in marriage

If you are not having sex at all in your marriage or you are having very little numbers of sex with your partner, probably ones, or few times in a while, then your marriage can be classified as a sexless marriage and there are so many effects of lack of sex in marriage which I will show you in this post.

Sex is known to be at the top of the list of the keys to a successful marriage and it is also purely an indispensable factor in any relationship.

That means, you have to have it no matter what, especially if you want to have a good marriage, or if you don’t want to have the effects of lack of sex in marriage.

A recent study has clearly shown that so many couples (as much as 15%) are going through some effects of lack of sex in marriage in their relationship which has resulted in so many other negative things in the relationship.

In her book (The sex-starved marriage) written by Weiner Davis, she described extensively how important sex is to a marriage, why sexless marriage fails, and the emotional effects of sexless marriage.

She also said that “when sex is good, couples have great opportunities to receive and give physical pleasures and to connect spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

Good sex engenders closeness, intimacy, and also makes both of you feel attached to each other

The question is: Can a marriage survive without sex? And again if sex could help your marriage succeed and also make you enjoy closeness physically and emotionally with your partner, then why did you stop having sex?

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Lack of sex in marriage

Here are the reasons = :))

   Most common causes of lack of sex in marriage.

Many couples can’t even guess what made their marriage sexless; however, it is good to know that many long-term couples are usually likely to experience this dryness at some points in their marriage.
Shannon Chavez, a sex psychologist said that “it is more common when a couple encounters a period of “sexlessness”.

  Here are the mains causes of sex in marriage.

psychological/ medical reasons:-

Most times, the main causes of diminished sex in marriage could be attributed to psychological or health reasons. For example, hormonal imbalance in women, menopause, and childbirth could also be a great cause for no sex vaginal pains (due to vaginal dryness), illness, or chronic pain; also drugs like (antidepressants, child control pills) contribute to it.


Stress and tiredness:

The couple goes through a lot on the daily basis (taking care of the children, daily hustle,s, and domestic chores) and becomes so weak after going through such and with little or no energy left for sex. Also, infertility and other life stressors affect our sex life.

Financial stress:-

If there are money problems, it could also affect couples’ sex life, especially when it causes many arguments between couples.

 Sex rejection:-

When there’s a great difference in couples’ sexual drive, there tend to be some problems; one person may be rejected sexually for a long time that he or she starts withdrawing from sex.

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