15 Things You Will Learn Dating A Nigerian Man

If you are already dating a Nigerian man or are planning to date one at any moment from now, then you must pay close attention to what I will show you here.

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25 Things You Will Learn Dating A Nigerian Man:

The truth is that Africa, especially Nigeria, is blessed with great men, and almost all the men from this great country can be classified as harder-working than their counterparts all over the world.

However, when it comes to relationships, Nigerian men behave differently. Maybe because of their hustling nature, Nigerian men always prefer to marry or date a Nigerian lady who will not just be a confidant but also a second in command and a real support to him.

Below are other things you learn from dating a Nigerian man:

1) When They Love You, They Will Do Everything For you.


The truth is that a Nigerian man may be in a relationship with you for a long time and not be in love with you. Is that possible? Yes, a Nigerian man can be your friend just to learn about you and get to know you better.

The attitude you exhibit and the characters you display during your relationship with the Nigerian man are what determine if the relationship will last or not.

A positive attitude and character will make him love you more, and when he does, he will be ready to do everything for you to be happy. That’s when a Nigerian man will also call you his queen. 

2) They Like To Be Honored And Respected.


Most women who have dated a Nigerian man will tell you that they always want to be in control of everything, including their wives, family, money, home, and business, and that they always want to have the final say on everything.

But the truth about every Nigerian man is that they love to be respected, and they will always resist it when you are not giving them respect.

What exactly does it mean to respect a man?

  • Always give him your undivided attention.
  • Be mindful of how he feels.
  • Always seek his opinion.
  • Be his cheerleader.
  • Encourage him more.
  • Kiss him often.
  • Respect his alone time.
  • Respect his boundaries.

He will love you in return if you always respect and honor him.

3) They Don’t Joke With Their Family:

Every Nigerian man loves their family and won’t like their ladies or wives to joke with his family members, especially his parents. They are family-oriented.

They believe that their family is the most important part of their lives, and they highly devote themselves to making sure that their family is properly taken care of.

One of the things that causes fights in a marriage is when the wife or girlfriend wants to bring separation between him and his family.

But you will be loved and cherished if you respect him, family.

4) He Takes Care Of You:-

Nigerian men know how to take care of their girlfriends or partners. Their main belief is that every woman must be taken care of by her husband. and every Nigerian lady or woman is very aware of how they allowed it to be.

That is why every Nigerian man is a hustler because they have the task of feeding their family. They don’t believe in sharing bills with their wives because they know it is their responsibility.

The way Nigerian men cling to the word of God that “any man who doesn’t feed his family is an infidel is quite amazing.

So to them,” women are just helping mates,” but if a woman makes money and wants to contribute to the family, they are doing that not because it is their responsibility, but because they wish to help.

5) They Love Good Food:-

You must be a good cook to date a Nigerian man. This is because every man from Nigeria never plays with food. You can refuse him sex or any other thing but food.

Their quest to enjoy good food has made them learn how to cook from day one. If you ask any mature Nigerian man, they will tell you that no woman can ridicule them with food because he knows how to cook.

Additionally, it is important to learn how to cook before dating a Nigerian man because that is a sure way to win his heart.

6) The Also Love Sex:-


Don’t be deceived when I tell you that Nigerian men love food more than sex. Sorry! I was only joking when I said that.

The fact is that they love both in the same proportion; you can see that in the number of children they have.

I want you to understand that Nigerian men want not only a healthy sexual connection, but also vibrant and fulfilling sex.

My advice is that you have to be ready to match their urges before choosing to date him. Go and learn new sexual skills and adopt good and flexible communication skills too.

7) They Love To Render Help:-



Nigerian men are good helpers, and they do so without looking for anything in return. But that’s if they love you and want to be with you forever.

If you are dating a Nigerian man who doesn’t have any plans to take your relationship with him to another height, then prepare to pay for their help in kind or cash.

When he is in love with you, expect him to jump into the sea to help you; that’s because he knows that he will gain more from having you as a better half than as a friend.

8) Responsibility:-

Another great thing you will learn from dating a Nigerian man is that they are responsible people. They’re always ready to protect their wives, girlfriends, and their entire household.

You either kill him or touch any member of his family. Theirs believes that nothing will happen to anyone closer to them.

That is why he will love to have his room before every other member of the family, so that you will have to get to them before the family. That shows the level of their responsibility.

9) They Don’t Easily Express Their Feelings:-

You will also find out that most Nigerian men don’t express their feelings too often to their dates or wives. Don’t get this wrong.

But the truth is that if you are waiting to hear *I love you” or anything like that from some Nigerian men, then you may wait forever.

That doesn’t mean they don’t love or appreciate you; they just don’t know how to express it. You may only know how they feel about you from their actions.

Their body language will always show you how much they care and feel about you, even when they don’t say a word to you.

10) The Want To Be In Charge:-


Another significant thing you can learn when dating a Nigerian man is that they want to always be in charge. They want to be in charge of the house, family, girlfriend, wife, and properties. 

Although not all Nigerian men are that way, most of them want their wives to be submissive and at their beck and call.

Please, don’t see this as being controlling or domineering, it is the Nigerian culture that gave them the power to be in control of the things they desire, even their partner.

11) They Are Loving And Approachable:

The most important characteristics of a Nigerian man that will make you enjoy dating him are his loving and approachable nature.

These men have thought since childhood that women are the weaker vessel that needs to be pampered and treated lovingly.

Nigerian culture made room for women to be respected and pampered; the culture has become part of every Nigerian man’s lifestyle.

This has also made them approachable, affectionate, and proactive toward their partner, which is not so with men from other countries.

Nigerian men are always committed to their relationships, unlike other countries where relationships are seen as a casual thing.

12) They Are Appreciative:

Nigerian men know how to appreciate their wives. They appreciate every supportive, nurturing, and respective woman.

As I said earlier, they find it hard to express their feelings, so you may not hear them say thank you when you do something; their body language will show you everything.

13) The Love A Neat Woman:

You cannot talk about what to learn about dating a Nigerian man without talking about his love for neat women.

This set of people believes in the slogan that “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and they also uphold it. Nigerian men love to have a woman who knows how to dress well and how to keep the house neat as well.

If a Nigerian man loves you and wishes to take your relationship to another level, he is likely going to consider your look, your dress, and your housekeeping skills.

They want to feel relaxed at home, and when their friends want to visit them at home, they are confident that their home is neat because they have a good homekeeper.

14) They Will Never Marry You Until They Are Sure Of These three Great things:

If you are dating a Nigerian man and hoping he will get married to you, then understand that that will not happen unless these three things are in place:

  • Who he is.
  • What he does
  • And how much he earns

No Nigerian can propose marriage to you without knowing that he is ready for marriage and making money to take care of his family.

He may not have so much in his bank account, but when he sees that he is generating a small income that is enough to fend for his family, he won’t hesitate to get married.

15) Nigerian Guys Love To Be Alone Sometimes:

If you are dating a Nigerian man, or wish to do so soon, let me tell you that they love to be alone sometimes.

Not that they are tired of staying with you, but they often need to be alone to think and strategize on how to make more money for the house.

They may not tell you that, but you will know it when you are talking to them and they don’t reply or give you favorable answers.

They also love to spend more time with friends outside the home. Please, do not think about stopping them from doing these things; it is pure Nigerian men’s lifestyle.

Let them have as much time alone as they want if it makes them happy. You are free to contest that if they are not giving you the attention you require.

In Conclusion:-

In this post, I shared 15 things you will learn about dating a Nigerian man and how to know if a Nigerian guy is playing you or not.

Here are they:-

  • They love to be left alone sometimes.
  • They are born hustlers.
  • Three things will keep them from marrying you.
  • They love neat women.
  • They are appreciative.
  • They will do everything for you if they love you.
  • They love to be in charge.
  • He will take care of you.

Have you dated a Nigerian guy before? What did you learn from him then? Feel free to share with us using the comment box.

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