What Does It Mean When A Nigerian Man Calls You His Queen

What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen?

If you have been called a queen by a Nigerian man and you are wondering why he used that word to qualify you, that shows you are either not a Nigerian or you are ignorant of what Nigerians mean by a queen.

To answer your question “What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen,” I want to give you a little overview of Nigerian culture.

An Overview Of Nigerian Culture:-

In Nigerian culture, whenever the term “queen” is used, or a woman is called a queen, it is often used as a word of endearment to qualify a woman who is respected, cherished, and valued by a man.

The term “queen” is used to express the idea of a woman who is held in high esteem, and who is seen as someone deserving of love, honor, and respect.

Note also that any Nigerian man who refers to his wife or fiance as a “queen” often sees that woman as a strong, powerful,  and regal figure who he respects and admires

He may use the term “queen” to show their partner that he values her and that he sees her as someone worthy of respect and adoration.

In Nigerian culture, there is also a tradition of respect for elders and authority figures.

The term “queen” can be seen as a way for a Nigerian man to show deference and respect to his partner, and to acknowledge her wisdom, strength, and leadership abilities.

It’s important to note that not all Nigerian men use the term “queen” to refer to their partners, and some may prefer other terms of endearment.

As with any cultural tradition, the use of the term “queen” can vary depending on the individual and the specific relationship.

Overall, the term “queen” has a positive connotation in Nigerian culture and is often used as a way to express deep affection and admiration for someone.

What Does It Mean When A Nigerian Man Calls You His Queen?

Having understood Nigerian culture and how they place a great deal of emphasis on honor and respect when it comes to interpersonal relationships, let us look at why you were addressed as a queen.

1) What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen? It Means Respect:-

Within the context of a romantic relationship, when a Nigerian man calls you his “queen” is a sign of deep respect and admiration for you.

It suggests that the man sees you as a symbol of grace, beauty, and strength, and values you highly as a person.

The truth is that when a Nigerian man respects you, it doesn’t end in calling you his queen, but he will be all out to prove to you that you are truly what he calls you.

He demonstrates his respect for you by listening to your feelings and even if he is not comfortable with them, he will surely let you express them.

Again, he knows that a small thing matters to a woman, even something as small as helping her in the kitchen.

2)What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen? He Is Attracted To You:-

If you are not in any relationship with the man that calls you his queen, that’s a clear indication that he may be attracted to you.

He called you his queen just to know what your reaction will be. If you respond positively to that, then you will see other signs from his body language, like –

  • He will keep coming closer and closer by the day.
  • He will start asking you questions
  • Looking for reasons to talk to you.
  • Maintaining eye contact with you.
  • Getting uncomfortable whenever he sees you with the opposite sex.
  • Adjusting himself whenever he sees you.

Watch out for those signs from today if you haven’t seen any before.

3) What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen? He Wants To Be More Than A Friend:-

If that Nigerian man has been your friend for a while, then it means he wants to be more than a friend to you.

You will notice that he behaves differently any time he is around you than he does with any other girl.

Again, you will notice other signs in his body language like all that I shared above and more. The greatest sign you will see is how uncomfortable he will always be when he sees you with other men.

What does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen? May Be An Indication Of His Intentions Toward You:-

In addition to being a sign of respect, when a Nigerian man calls you his “queen” it can also be an indication of his intentions toward you.

In Nigerian culture, men are often expected to be the providers and protectors in a relationship and calling a woman his “queen” can be seen as a way of expressing his desire to take care of her and make her feel valued and cherished.

He may not tell you outright about his plans to marry you or have you as a close friend, but there are a few signs you will see that will convince you that he has the intention to take the relationship further.

Signs A Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You:-

If a Nigerian man wants to marry you, many signs will make you know that. Don’t think otherwise if you don’t see these signs below.

  • He will introduce you to his family: Your Nigerian boyfriend will want his people to know you if he wants to take the relationship to another level. Be observant of his family’s countenance when you get there because that is how you’ll know if they approve of the relationship or not.
  • He will brandish you to his friends: He will always want his friends to know that you are solely his. That’s why he will want to take you along anywhere he goes.
  • He will be there for you every time: You will also know if a Nigerian man wants to marry you when he shows up every time you need him. That includes helping you solve all your problems.

Read my article about how to know if a Nigerian man wants to marry you to see other signs.

Signs A Nigerian Man Is Committed To You

Now you know what it means when a Nigerian man calls you his queen, and if the Nigerian wants to marry you. Let me also tell you that there are Nigerian guys who may call you their queen without any plans for commitment.

In this section of the post, you will be able to learn how to identify if the guy is committed to you and that he is not just another guy.

Check the signs below.

  • Consider your relationship with him: – Check how long you have known him. If he has been a friend to you, calling you a queen may mean that he is ready to be more than a friend, if that is your first time seeing then it may be a sarcastic word or to discredit what you are saying.
  • Consider why and when he said it:- to be sure why he calls you his queen.  Were you alone with him when he said it? If so then it is a sign he is planning for something better. Again if he also said it in presence of his friend, that’s also a sign; you have to check his body language to be sure he is not condescending.
  • Check his reactions whenever he sees you:- How does he behave seeing you? Body language experts have said that when a man sees any girl he loves, he will start adjusting himself, his tie, arms, legs, glasses, trying to sit upright, etc. Those are positive signs, when he throws away his face or shows other negative signs, he is not ready to commit.

Rounding Up:-

In this post, I have been able to answer your question “what does it mean when a Nigerian man calls you his queen.”

I told you that calling a woman queen in Nigeria is a form of endearment, and it is used on a woman who is loved, respected,  cherished, and valued by a man.

You should also understand that a Nigerian man may call you his queen if he either wants to be more than just a friend to you and want to take the relationship to another level.

Nigerian men can call you a queen also without having any spring attached to it, you have to know what he means when he said that.

Read this post carefully so you can understand whether he is playing or you have another plan. Read how to know if a Nigerian man wants to marry you to know how to read every man’s body language.

That will help you to understand what he means.

See you at the top.

I am your in-house marriage counselor. Murphyaik. See you soonest.




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