9 Proven Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You.

What are the signs a Nigerian guy is using you? These are the questions I get from my readers every day. I want to use this opportunity to answer your questions.

If you are in a relationship with a man from Nigeria, and you don’t understand whether he loves you or playing you, then this post is for you. Being in a relationship is sweet if you play by the rules; if not, you will cry with broken hearts always.

But I am here for you as your relationship adviser to save you from the impending heartbreak. In this post, I will show you 9 signs a Nigerian guy is using you.

Who is this post for?

If you find yourself in any of the conditions above, then pay attention to what am saying here.

Let’s dive in:

Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You.

Signs He Is Only Using You, One. He Won’t Chase You At All:

Yes, he was the one who asked for your hands in friendship, that’s interesting. Now, he won’t call, chat, or even send you a text message. If you don’t call him, he won’t call. Yet any time you call him, send a message, or chat with him, he will want you to believe he was on the verge of calling you.

Such is one of the signs a Nigerian guy is using you. The law of relationships says that ” if a man loves, he will do whatever it takes to win you.” Forget the excuse that he is shy. He is just not into you as you are into him.

The truth is that all men can’t resist taking action, especially when they see what they want. So if a Nigerian man is not chasing you, forget it he doesn’t want you. But if you keep pursuing him, you will have your heart broken, and he won’t think twice about it.

Believe me when I tell you that he will continue to play you until he is tired, so give yourself some sense and stop where you are now; else you enjoy having heartbreaks.

Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You, Two. He Will Have Many Excuses For Not Seeing Or Calling You:

Does that sound like the Nigerian man you are dating? That’s another of the signs a Nigerian guy is using you. Like I said earlier, a man who loves you will want to be with you always; not for anything, but because he is missing you.

He will call you now and then to find out how you are fairing and he will visit at any slight chance to have a glance at you. That’s how to know a man that loves you.

But, that man who doesn’t love you, not want anything to do with you will not call, or check on you, after all, he has one thousand and one other girl to think about. If you eventually ask him why he didn’t call or come around, then wait for ridiculous answers. He is already prepared to defend himself.

If I were you, I would take to my heel. He doesn’t care a bit about you. Wait until he changes or until a much more caring man finds you.

Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You, Three. Meeting Your Family Is A Taboo To Him:-

In as much as meeting your family members is not a criterion that a Nigerian man will marry you, he will never want to visit any of your families. To him visiting your family sounds like an introduction ceremony which he doesn’t want.

A caring man, who wants you will like to see your family member because he is seeing you as a future wife: It may not be convenient for him, but he will do so just to show you that cares and wants you.

If a Nigerian man follows you to your home, he is just playing along with you in other to get what he wants. He will dump you immediately when he is satisfied with you. Shine your eyes pretty well.

Signs He Is Using You, Four. He Never Gets Jealous:

Getting jealous sometimes is not good but in some situations, someone may be allowed to be jealous. Can you describe it, when your so-called man sees you playing with someone of the opposite sex and he is relaxed about it?

All he keeps reminding you is that you are free to live your life. That’s a great sign to note. He doesn’t care anything about you. If he does, he will be jealous when there is a need for that.

Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You, Five. He Avoids Any Discussions About Marriage:

What we want to know is if he loves you or to see the signs a Nigerian guy is using you. Then what about how he behaves whenever you bring up any topic about marriage? Two things will happen if he doesn’t want to marry you.

  • He may just walk away or,
  • Change the topic.

If you haven’t observed this before, that’s because you are not mindful of that. I charge you to watch out for these signs. If he wants to marry you, if he is planning a future with you, he will be the initiator of such conversation, he will be persuading you about it. If not, know that he is playing you.

Signs He Is Using You, Six. He Will Never Introduce You Or Show You To His Friends:

Men love to show off their babes, they will want to take their babes to functions. If your guy prefers to go out alone, and. Won’t introduce you to his friend at any time, you don’t matter anything to him.

Nowadays social media makes everything easy, and you will know the latest couple in time, the latest outfit, and the latest achievements from social media. However, if your man didn’t use any of these mediums to show you off, it is a red flag that he is only using you.

Signs A Nigerian Guy Is Using You, Seven. He Will Never Listen To You:

Two things can be the cause of this, either he is not a good listener or he just doesn’t care. He can share all his fears, doubts, and problems with you: but when you want to talk about your needs and cares, he will never listen to that.

That’s the best time to press his phone or chat with his friends. Forget it, he doesn’t want you. It either you let him go or have yourself to blame.

Signs He Is Using You, Eight. He Checks On You Only When He wants To Have Sex:

This is yet one of the signs a Nigerian guy is using you. He will not call you to enquire how you are doing. All of a sudden he will call or chat with you: not because he cares, but because he needs sex.

He can promise you everything just to have you at that time, he may even promise you the said marriage, but the topic will change once he has his ways. If you don’t put a stop to that, you will become his sex machine and not a life partner.

Start watching out for that from this moment. It will be obvious to you that the reasons for the compliments, validations, and gifts are just enticing you and have his ways.

Signs You Are Being Deceived Nine. You Are Many Years Into The Relationship And He Never Asks:

This is almost the 7th year of your relationship and you have nothing to show for it. Until now you are waiting for the day he will propose to you, but he is not thinking about that yet.

Both of you have watched many of his friends get married and for once, he hasn’t said anything about that. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell, cause that’s one of the signs a Nigerian man is using you.

To be on the safe side, I implore you to ask him what he thinks about your relationship with him. This is when you will know if he plans for your future together or not.


I hope I have been able to show you some signs a Nigerian guy is using you in this article. Most of the signs will not be conspicuous to you at first; not because they are not there, but because you are not on the lookout for them.

Starting today, I implore you to pay special attention to his behaviors, you will be able to see one or all of these signs I have mentioned in this post. It is left for you to decide what to do when you have found out his plans for you.

Don’t assume he will change in the future, that will only make you wait for so long for what may not happen.


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