15 Wedding Photographer Packages: Choose The Best Package Now

Choosing a good photographer to capture your wedding day is crucial, so don’t joke with that. The essence of this post is about some wedding photographer packages you can get from photographers to help cut costs during your wedding.

Wedding photographer packages are designed to make various levels of options and services that suit different budgets and preferences available to couples.

According to a survey conducted by The Knot; couples in the United States of America spent an average of $2,400 to get wedding photography in 2020. Nonetheless, this cost can vary widely depending on many factors, like location, the extent of the coverage, and the photographer’s experience.

There are different levels of packages available, each of which offers varying levels of coverage and additional services. For example, a basic photographer package may include six hours of photo coverage on your wedding day, a digital gallery of edited images, etc. We will look at some of the wedding photographers’ packages very soon.

You must ask your chosen photographer what they have in store for you and review the packages to understand if they are included. Some photographer do also offer extra options like video coverage, drone photography, or photo booths for your guests

If you are planning to choose a photographer for your wedding, be sure to check their portfolio to be sure their style fits your plan. Additionally, check the reviews from their past clients to understand their satisfaction with both the photographer’s work as well as their professionalism.

Understand that while photography is an investment, it is also one of the best ways to preserve the memories of your wedding day for years to come.

Below are some of the wedding packages.

15 Superficial Wedding Photographer Packages You Should Note:

1. Silver Bliss Wedding Photographer Packages:

This is one of the packages you can get from a photographer. The Silver Bliss potentially describes a mid-tier package with a specific level of features, coverage, and services.

These packages could include the number of hours of photography, the overall hours of photography or the inclusion of a second photographer, photo editing, and the delivery format of the output (digital, prints, albums).

“Bliss” as it is called suggests a special focus on capturing the joyous and special moments of your wedding day. You can choose these packages based on budget or preferences.

2. The Golden Wedding Photographer Packages:-

This offers a combination of creativity and sophistication to capture your special day. With the whole lots of customizable options, these packages provide comprehensive coverage, from the grand celebration to the intimate moment. Competent photographers ensure exquisite and timeless shots, to highlight the beauty and the emotions of your wedding.

The package will also offer you a range of services that will cater to your needs and provide engagement, high-quality prints, and albums. Golden Elegance package gears towards delivering to you good and stunning imagery that encapsulates the significance and the elegance of your wedding and also provides cherished memories for years to come.

3. Platinum Glamour Wedding Packages:-

This photography package offers you an exquisite experience on your special day. With a priority on luxury and elegance, the platinum package includes a whole day of coverage by a skilled photographer.

You will receive a well-curated collection of high-resolution images, that captured every moment and the best details of your wedding day. This package often includes pre-wedding consultation to be sure a personalized approach that fits your dream is achieved.

Additionally, you might enjoy some beautifully crafted albums or online galleries to relive and showcase your memories. The platinum glamour package is designed to provide you with top-tier service, which ensures that your wedding photographs exude the enchanting moments of your wedding celebration.

4. Rustic Romance Wedding Photography Packages:

This encapsulates the importance of timeless love and natural beauty. With a combination of candid moments and artistic composition, you are sure that every intricate detail of your special occasion is captured.

This package offers you varieties of services, which includes pre-wedding shoots, full-day coverage, and high-resolution digital images.

A skilled photographer will capture the rustic charm of your venue, the emotions exchanged, and the genuine connections of the day. Whether amidst cozy barns or sunlit fields, the photographer will ensure your love story is captured with a touch of rustic elegance to create the best memories that last a lifetime.

5. City Chick Wedding Package:-

This offers a range of comprehensive packages to capture your special day with elegance and style. The packages are designed to suit different choices and budgets.

The silver package includes up to six hours of photography coverage, a skilled photographer, high-resolution images, and an online gallery so you can easily share them. The God package also offers extended coverage that is up to 10 hours, a second photographer and a customized wedding album, and an engagement photo shoot.

This is best if you are seeking premium services. The platinum package includes full-day coverage, a luxurious album, two photographers, engagement, bridal sessions, and canvas print. Each package ensures that your memories are well preserved, reflecting the city’s chick vibes and the essence of the wedding day.
It is best for urban weddings.

6. Destination Dream Wedding Photographer Packages:-

This photography package offer comprehensive photography services for people that seek to capture their day in a picturesque location. These packages generally include a pre-wedding consultation, edited photos, full-day coverage, high-resolution images, and an online gallery for easy sharing

Some of the packages may offer you additional perks like a second photographer engagement session, as well as destination-specific planning. The package is tailored to fulfill your needs if you chose to get married in exotic locations, and it will ensure that you have a memorable moment. You will also be able to relive your dream wedding for years to come with these packages.

7. Classic Black & White Package (B&W):-

This offers timeless elegance. They include coverage of your key moments like the ceremony itself, portraits, and reception

Photographers capture the essence of your wedding day using monochrome tones, accentuating emotions, and details. Packages usually include an engagement session, high-resolution edited images, and an online gallery.

Other additional services might include prints, second shooters, and albums. This style shows sophistication and nostalgia and focuses on the interplay of light, contrast, and shadow. This will be a good choice for you if you seek a refine and enduring aesthetic that lasts a lifetime.

8. Enchanting Fairytale Photography Package:

The fairytale fantasy package offers you captivating experiences especially if you seek a whimsical touch to your special day. It typically includes different hours of coverage, high-resolution edited photos, pre-wedding consultation, and options for other services like engagement shoots or custom albums.

Photographers skilled in capturing dreamy moments amidst picturesque settings, such as forests or castles, provide a touch of magic to the event.

These packages often cater to couples desiring a romantic and storybook-like atmosphere, resulting in stunning visuals that transport them to a fairytale realm every time they revisit their wedding memories.

9. Candid Moments Packages:

This photography package focus on covering spontaneous and authentic emotions throughout any event. These packages generally include a stipulated number of hours of coverage, a collection of professionally edited high-quality photos, and a pre-event consultation.

Skilled wedding photographers know how to blend the fleeting moments, heartfelt interactions, and fleeting moments to get the best for you. They will focus on capturing the moments that reflect the true essence of your day

If you seek a more genuine and documentary-style representation of your special day, then this package is the best for you, because it will pick out the raw emotions and unguarded moments that make your event truly interesting.

10. Vintage Vibes Wedding Photographer Packages:

Vintage Vibes wedding photographer offers a range of packages tailored to capture your special day. Their packages include varying hours of coverage, from ceremony to reception, ensuring every moment is preserved. You’ll receive high-resolution edited photos, available digitally and in print. With attention to detail and a touch of nostalgia, Vintage Vibes aims to encapsulate the essence of your wedding day timelessly and artistically. Whether it’s an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, their packages cater to your unique needs, providing memories that will last a lifetime.

11. Timeless Tradition Wedding Photographer Packages: Timeless Traditions offers wedding photographer packages designed to capture every moment of your special day. With a focus on preserving the beauty and emotion of your wedding, their packages include comprehensive coverage, from getting ready to the final farewell.

Each package provides a skilled photographer to document your event, high-quality edited photos, and often extras like engagement sessions, albums, and prints. Timeless Traditions understands that every wedding is unique, so their packages offer a range of options to suit your needs and budget. By choosing them, you’re investing in professional photography that will ensure your wedding memories remain vibrant and cherished for years to come.

12. Sunny Beach Wedding Photographer Packages: Sunny Beach wedding photographers offer diverse packages tailored to capture your special moments in stunning coastal surroundings. Packages encompass various services such as pre-wedding shoots, full-day coverage, artistic editing, and high-resolution photo delivery. With options for intimate elopements or grand celebrations, these packages cater to different preferences and budgets, ensuring cherished memories are beautifully preserved.

Whether it’s a serene sunset ceremony or a vibrant beachside festivity, their packages provide professional expertise to encapsulate the essence of your unique wedding day, creating lifelong treasures to relive the magic of your union against the backdrop of Sunny Beach’s scenic beauty.

13. Minimalist Wedding Photographer Packages:

Modern minimalist wedding photographer packages offer a refined approach to capturing your special day. These packages typically focus on essential coverage and artistic shots, embracing simplicity and elegance.

They often include a pre-wedding consultation, coverage for key moments, edited high-resolution images, and an online gallery for easy sharing. These packages prioritize quality over quantity, providing a curated collection of images that showcase the beauty and emotion of your wedding while eliminating unnecessary extras.

With a modern minimalist approach, you can expect timeless, tasteful, and impactful photographs that highlight the essence of your celebration.

14. Enchanting Evenings Wedding Photographer Packages: Enchanting Evenings offers a range of wedding photo packages to capture your special day. These packages include various options tailored to your preferences.

The Basic Package includes coverage of the ceremony and reception, while the Deluxe Package adds pre-ceremony shots and extended reception coverage. The Premium Package further includes engagement photos, a second photographer, and a custom album.

Each package ensures skilled photographers, high-resolution images, and a mix of candid and posed shots. Whether you’re seeking essential coverage or a comprehensive experience, Enchanting Evenings’ packages cater to different needs, helping to preserve the magic of your wedding day.

15. Emily Fusion Wedding Photographer Packages:


Explain Family Fusion wedding photographer packages offer a blend of traditional and candid photography to capture the genuine emotions and moments of your special day. These packages typically include pre-wedding consultations, coverage of various ceremonies and events, high-quality edited images, and a mix of formal group shots and candid shots. With an emphasis on capturing the connections between families, these packages often cater to diverse cultural backgrounds and incorporate a mix of styles.

They aim to tell the complete story of your wedding day, blending timeless portraits with candid and natural shots to create a comprehensive and heartfelt visual narrative.


In the journey to capture the essence of your wedding day, photographer packages offer a tapestry of memories, from timeless elegance to whimsical enchantment.

With options catering to diverse styles and budgets, you can preserve every emotion and detail in stunning imagery. Remember to match your chosen photographer’s portfolio with your vision, and consider client reviews for insight into their professionalism.

Carefully Select:

Select a package that resonates with you, be it the urban chic vibes or the serene coastal beauty. Invest in these snapshots of love that will remain cherished over time. Choose wisely, and let your wedding memories unfold through the lens of artistry.

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