Brand new romantic gestures for your wife

How romantic are you? Here are some brand new romantic gestures for your wife.

This will help you improve your wife’s love for you.

Can you believe that a friend of mine lost his wife simply because he was not romantic? I don’t want you to experience that in your relationship, that’s why I am sharing these brand new romantic gestures that will showcase you as a supper romantic man.

Marriage doesn’t work by mere wishes, you really have to nurture it on a daily bases to make it work.

Firstly you must learn to be romantic and trust me it’s not that easy to be truly romantic; It takes creativity and great care to truly achieve that.

Our daily activities have chipped romance out of our marriage and left us with a very dry relationship.

The romance was so easy before the wedding. You could spend the whole day on phone talking to your love, you could be at the beach talking and laughing for the next 24 hours without noticing the people around you; now the attention is divided; the children are there, the job is also there and the house chores also.

Question is! How do we become romantic?

In this post, I will show you 5 brand new romantic gestures that will boast your marriage fast

5 brand new Romantic gestures that will make your wife feel loved.

1) Learn to touch her often:

Touching your spouse often has a way of reassuring him or her of your love.

Of course, we know that sex is also important, recent interviews I had with couples show that they record a high degree of joy and happiness after sex.

But, the most recent research shows that no marriage became very successful just because of good sexual experiences,

Romantic touch was found to be the most recent marriage booster.

I also realized that from the way my darling wife feels after touching her over and over again anytime we pass each other at home.

One of my clients also says this “If I pass my wife 50 times at home, I will also touch her 50 times.

Touching someone you love helps to communicate your desire and also show her that you acknowledge her presence.

My advice to you is to try that and see what impact it will have on your marriage too.

2) Be ready to offer assistance:-

You have heard so much about helping your wife do the house chore, and you are keen on doing all that.

But you can also help her in other things like dressing up; help her hook her brassieres, wear her shoes and dresses.

Those gestures will definitely pass your message across.

3) Do a radio/ TV request in between any program she enjoys: –

There are programs on radio/ television where you will have opportunities to call and shout out to your loved ones.

All you’ll need to do is to find when the radio stations are doing their shout out programs and then place a shout out a request in between your wife’s most cherished program, then let her know how much you love her.

4) Give a gift;

Get gifts for her. Women love the gift and more especially if it’s a surprising package.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing; women don’t care much about what gifts you give to them, especially when you give with an open mind.

However, you can get something nice and expensive if you have the resources.

5) Create just 15 minutes every evening for “unplugged moment”:

This is 15 minutes of no phone calls, no checking email and no gadget at all.

It is just for you and your wife to enjoy each other. Make love if you want, but remember to make it 15 minutes to be remembered by her.

In Conclusion

These are brand new ways you can use to make your wife feel loved. You may not know how much it will work for you until you try those points I listed here.

So go ahead and try them out.

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