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7 highly neglected marriage destroyers

It’s obvious that many couples are usually either too busy or deliberately overlooking the marriage destroyers that always starred then in the face.


If you are sure that you are doing your best to make your marriage better and yet things are still going opposite of what you expected it to be.

You are not alone. So many couples are as confused as you are.


There are so many things that couples neglect and yet they constitute the biggest issues that affect them most


The irony is that “if you don’t know where the rain started beating you, then you won’t also know where it stops”.


In this post, I want to help you identify those insignificant but yet great relationship destroyers that can harm your marriage in a flash if you don’t tackle it on time.




 7 Highly Neglected Marriage Destroyers.


1) Telling lies: –

For instance, when you are going out in the morning, you told your partner you were going straight to the office, but rather you are going to see a movie with friends somewhere else that’s not even close to the office.


Have you considered how your partner will feel when he/she finds out?


You may actually go free with that by telling another lie to cover up.


But let me tell you that you are making a great withdrawal from your emotional bank account of trust.



Continuous lying brings suspension and uncertainties that vehemently overwhelms the mind of your spouse.


At a time, anything you utter from your mouth will sound like a lie to your partner and it eventually creates a distance between you two.


2) Comparisons: –

If you find yourself saying things like – I wish we have a marriage that’s just like Mr. A, oh! My husband/ wife never dresses like Mr. B, then you are into the comparison game and it can draw life out of your marriage.


If your marriage or your partner is different from the other couples/ or marriages, it doesn’t mean it is bad, it simply means your marriage or partner is unique.


The uniqueness simply shows that every marriage or person can never be the same no matter what.


Most times when we find ourselves comparing each other, it signifies that you are only selecting certain qualities to focus on, but do you know that the other person you are comparing your spouse with has his/her own unique package?

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