newlywed mistakes, save your marriage

8 Most common newlywed mistakes

newlywed mistakes, save your marriage

Your expectations as a newlywed couple are to enjoy a blissful marriage until the end of the time. That is good, but can it be achieved? My answer is ‘Yes’, however, you must avoid these common newlywed mistakes to achieve that.

Here is why I said that.

There will always be good times and bad times in any relationships, they are inevitable. However, all of them make up the marriage.

Linda says ” The honeymoon phase will always end”. Those interesting days when your spouse can never do wrong, they will disappear one day.”

A survey was conducted, and some newlywed was asked how they saw their marriage unfolds, and many predicted to have a stable marriage: However, after few years, there was a sticking decline in marital satisfaction.

The reason is that “Once a spouse gets settled into their roles, the excitement of being married wears off”.
says Justin Lavner.

One secret trick to stop it from happening in your relationship is to delete realistic expectations from your marriage book.

Are you surprised at what I said?

Let me explain.
Whenever you think you deserve all the happiness in this world, always know that there must be some bumps along the way.

Always be clear that things may happen and relationships will not be the same again.

When you have these in mind, you will make a plan on time to be ahead of the game.

In this post, I will show you 8 common newlyweds mistakes the newlywed couple make in their early stage of marriage, so you’ll know how to avoid them.

Let’s get started.

Eight Common newlywed mistakes to avoid.

1) Not thinking beyond the wedding:-

Many couples are busy planning about the wedding that they utterly forgot that there’s another life after the wedding.

If only they understand that the party will only last for one day and that no matter how interesting and fun it will be, it will surely end and the new life will begin from there.
Now it is time to live together, it is time to get along as husband and wife, it is time to build your own family.

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