8 Most common newlywed mistakes

Your expectations as a newlywed couple are to enjoy a blissful marriage until the end of the time. That is good, but can it be achieved? My answer is ‘Yes’, however, you must avoid these common newlywed mistakes to achieve that.

Here is why I said that.

There will always be good times and bad times in any relationships, they are inevitable. However, all of them make up the marriage.

Linda says ” The honeymoon phase will always end”. Those interesting days when your spouse can never do wrong, they will disappear one day.”

A survey was conducted, and some newlywed was asked how they saw their marriage unfolds, and many predicted to have a stable marriage: However, after few years, there was a sticking decline in marital satisfaction.

The reason is that “Once a spouse gets settled into their roles, the excitement of being married wears off”.
says Justin Lavner.

One secret trick to stop it from happening in your relationship is to delete realistic expectations from your marriage book.

Are you surprised at what I said?

Let me explain.
Whenever you think you deserve all the happiness in this world, always know that there must be some bumps along the way.

Always be clear that things may happen and relationships will not be the same again.

When you have these in mind, you will make a plan on time to be ahead of the game.

In this post, I will show you 8 common newlyweds mistakes the newlywed couple make in their early stage of marriage, so you’ll know how to avoid them.

Let’s get started.

Eight Common newlywed mistakes to avoid.

1) Not thinking beyond the wedding:-

Many couples are busy planning about the wedding that they utterly forgot that there’s another life after the wedding.

If only they understand that the party will only last for one day and that no matter how interesting and fun it will be, it will surely end and the new life will begin from there.
Now it is time to live together, it is time to get along as husband and wife, it is time to build your own family.

That’s right.

Enjoy your wedding, make its grand event, but always have the big picture in your mind.
Because it is your life as a couple.

2) You assumed marriage is always fair, just and beautiful:-

Marriage comes with ups and downs just like every other thing.

If you are going into marriage thinking everything will always be juicy, then you will be very disappointed in time to come.

Even the so-called happy marriage has their setbacks too.

Actually, it is not rocket science to have a happy marriage.

If only you will learn to do the little things that matter daily, then you will definitely succeed.
I have written a book that will show you little things you can do to succeed in any marriage.

3)Keeping secrets:-

At the early stages of marriage, you were open with each other, you could share any secret with each other and you are comfortable to divulge anything.

Then something happened and unknowingly you started keeping little secrets from each other.

Keeping secrets will always come back to bite your relationship.

Be sure to be open to each other, share your feelings, your success, your failures, your joy as well as your anger.

You will somewhat discover that the more open your communication is, the stronger your marriage will be.


4) Acting like you are still single:

Being single and being married are two different life altogether.

Marriage means growing up.

As a single you had more time to hang out with friends all night, you go to clubs, you spend money unnecessarily.

Now there are more responsibilities, you will have to think of how much time to share with your significant other.

5) Sharing little time together:

Marriage is just like a flower. You attend to your marriage the same way you do a flower.
Note- If you don’t give quality time to your new flower, it will not survive.

In other words, you have to manage your schedule in such a way to have quality time to spend with your partner.

6) Comparing yourselves with the other couples;-

All fingers are not equal, and two people are not created the same way. It is true the other couple is living in their personal house, while you are in a rented apartment.
They travel often to the Bahamas during holidays, while you are not.

Hear this;

If you concentrate on counting what the other couples have and what you don’t have, then comparison starts and that is one thing that causes chaos in a relationship.

You will be so distracted from keeping up with your marriage and you will lose your track.
Just go on and enjoy what they have, but never be envious of them.

7) Goals overloaded:

Just like in other things, it is also good to set goals, however, don’t set complicated goals for your marriage, set simple goals that can be easily attained.

8) Spending more than earned:-

The way you spend money while it was only you will not be the same now.
There is a need to plan as a couple, do not let your expenditure overwhelm your income.

If you spend more than you earn, then you are calling for more trouble in the future.
I suggest you have a family budget and spend from there when it comes to anything concerning your family matters.


Do everything you could to make your relationship better. Never hide anything from your partner.

Avoid these common newlywed mistakes I have mentioned in this post and watch how your marriage will thrive.

I am still your friend Murphyaik.
See you at the top.

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