4 Good home business Ideas for couples

Home business ideas for couples

This is my 16 years in marriage, so I can conveniently prove to you that one of the causes of major problems in marriage related to finance. Thankfully, now, there are some home business ideas for couples, and you can use it to generate passive income; That means no more fights or excuses from you.

A survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, using people in marriage or partnership reveals that 35 percent of stress in a marriage.

Obviously, money is important in any relationship, because it touches everything every other aspect of marriage.

In this post, I am not going to share how money causes stress in a marriage. but I want to reveal to you simple but fascinating home business ideas for couples that you can do from your bedroom to boost your finances.

If you want to join the ride, then let’s go on.
Most of the do from home business ideas I will show you here is what I do that sustains my marriage and if you follow me closely, you will get the results I am getting and even more.

3 Fascinating Home business ideas for couples.

  • What would you need for this business?
    See, most of it is done online so you will be needing it.
    – An Idea of what you want to do.
    – A good laptop or smartphone
    – A good internet connection.
    once all these are in place, then you are good to go.

But, why must it be an internet business?

The answer is- because millions of people are connected on the internet and that includes your customers. So if you are not doing business on the internet, then you may be leaving so much money on the table.

That is the last thing you want to do isn’t it?

Then follow me closely.

Here they are

couples blogging, home business ideas for couples


1) Blogging:

I guess you have heard so much about this blogging.

But you are not so sure what it is all about and how you can go about it.

You are not alone. A lot of people are in your shoes.

Granted, I am here to show you how to generate good income through blogging like I do and so many others like Linda Ikeji, etc.


What is blogging ?:-

It is simply an online journal.
it is the same as a newspaper, only that this is done on the internet.

You can set up a blog just to write about your passion or your interests.

I have seen so many blogs on fashion, cooking, diet, gossip, weight loss, and so many other things, and do you know that most of them are generating good cash through that?

Now to start your blog, you must consider what you know best how to do, so you wouldn’t find it hard to share to others, when I say others, I mean millions of people that will be connecting to you through the internet.

I have a blog too and I write on marriage.
Here is my



Here is the answer.

There are many ways to make money through blogging, but I will share the most important ones here.

1) Through Google Adsense:-

When you look at my blog, there is something I have there that people click on without knowing and that generates money for me, even while I am sleeping.

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