17 Superb Happy Couples Habit To Learn From Now.

If you want a successful marriage, then looking at these 17 happy couple habits I listed in this article could be all you need to achieve that.

One thing about marriage you must understand is that if you don’t take daily steps to make it work, you will suddenly see it crumbling.

That is why it is imperative that, as you are studying the things you will do to make your friendship better, you also look at your marriage and think of the things or habits you will adopt or remove to make it much better.


In this article, you will see some tested and approved happy couples habits you will adopt in your marriage too.


But who exactly is this happy couple? Are there couples that are created to be happier than each other? And why must you copy other people to make your marriage strong?


The fact remains that no marriage is created to be happier, stronger, or even perfect. However, there is always the couple that looks as if they have it all. This couple still looks at each other and feels those sparks.


They feel happy together; the only things that matter to them are just the two of them.


It didn’t just start; over time in their marriage, they have developed some habits, and those habits are the things that differentiated them from the other couples.


Today we are going to look at those habits and how you should inculcate them into your marriage to make a difference too.


17 happy couple habits every partner must adopt.


(1) They know communication is the key.


Communication has the power to build or destroy a marriage, and happy couples know this.


They also know communication to be a hard but essential recipe for a successful marriage, and they choose to do everything to build it.


In marriage, the couples that understand how to communicate openly and freely are the ones that have a fulfilled relationship. On the other hand, if you and your partner do not have effective communication, you are likely to have frustrations and resentments.


One important aspect of a successful marriage is communication, and not just that, but effective communication.


With that, you could bring great joy to your spouse’s heart and also build your relationship to a height that you can’t imagine.


To communicate effectively with your spouse, you must know: 


  1. Those communication behaviors add value to your marriage.
  2. Identify those communication behaviors that can improve and yield happiness in your relationship.
  3. Identify the communication behaviors that bring obstacles instead of building your marriage
  4. Implement communication techniques and tools that will enhance your marriage.
  5. Improve your ability to understand and manage every message.


I have covered everything you need to know about communication in marriage here. So you can read that up.

(2) Happy couples know that, as human beings, mistakes and arguments are inevitable.


Nobody is perfect. No marriage is 100% perfect. It takes courage and the ability to move on in a marriage. The happy couple knows these too well and they also understand the difference between having an argument and having a fight.


Arguments are essential for the growth of marriage; what makes the difference between the happy couple and the unhappy when it comes to argument is just the method of dealing with their conflicts.


Happy couples understand that talking and settling their disputes is better than blaming anyone for them.


Gottman, a famous marriage therapist, identifies four things as the main causes of couples’ disconnection, isolation, and being distant from each other; criticism was the first on the list.


Think about the level of communication in your marriage; if it is not good enough, then you must try and work on it.


(3) They understand that happy relationships take work.


A perfect marriage isn’t all sunshine and rosy all the time. It takes proper work to make a relationship worthwhile. Happy couples understand that sometimes they could be annoyed, disappointed, and frustrated with each other.


No one is above mistakes, and remember that your partner is just a human being. It is left for you to get past those things and communicate honestly with your spouse; that is the only way you can have a fulfilling marriage.


The happy couples passed through these trying times, but they inspired each other and worked themselves through those trial moments.


Just devote yourselves to nurturing your marriage. It may take a little time, but it will surely pay off in the end.


(4) Supporting each other:-


Another happy couple’s habit that is worth emulating is their ability to support each other. They understand that, come what may, their spouse is there for them.


They give support to each other when they are pursuing their dreams and aspirations and also believe in the abilities of their partner.


At times when it looks as if you are at a crossroads, they never leave each other to face the music alone; the other partner remains behind, sharing up and encouraging the other.


Nothing will give your spouse more courage than realizing that you are fully at their back and sharing them up.


If you have not been supportive of your spouse, today is the day to start. I will do wonders for your marriage.


This differentiates them from the other couples who will desert each other when things get hard.


(5) They know each other pretty well.


The happy couple knows each other so well that they can tell what each of them could be doing at a point in time, even when they are not close to each other.


There is this couple I know that will be doing things simultaneously when they are not closer.


If the husband is somewhere eating a Big Mac at McDonald’s, the wife must be somewhere eating the same thing at the same time.


These couples have known each other and they know what each of them could be at a moment. Isn’t that wonderful? Won’t you want your marriage to work like that?


(6) They share realistic expectations


The relationship is very different from what you see in a movie. It can only happen when people have value for each other and both of them are willing to make some sacrifices in order to make their marriage worthwhile.


They devote much time to their relationship because they know that every day will not be for joy and romance.


(7) They understand that each relationship is unique.


Because happy couples understand that each marriage is unique, they never try to compare their marriage with other people. Every partner has their own “love rule” as well as arguments.


If you are smart enough to discover what makes you and your spouse unique, then concentrate on doing it. That is when your marriage will stand firm.


(8) They love and respect each other.


Another unique happy couple’s habit that is worth copying is their ability to show great love and respect for each other.


In the Bible, it is recorded that even at the age of 80, Sarah still calls Abram my Lord. That is a sure sign of respect.


It is important that you love and respect your spouse so that they will love you in return, because love and respect are reciprocal.


(9) They know each other’s love language.


The way your mom cheered you up when you did anything may not be the way your spouse will react when you do the same thing. We have different love and values.


Most of the of the time, the things that make each couple feel loved vary, and if partners don’t recognize them on time, it may cause trouble.


If you are not sure of your partner’s love language, it may be better if you ask. You may not be vigilant enough when your partner is letting you know them; now it is your work to find out.


Just go ahead and ask about the things you did that triggered love; he or she will be very eager to tell you.
Everyone wants to be treated with love.


(10) They reassure each other:


Everybody needs to be reassured from time to time. Give it always, and never wait for others to need it before giving.


Always let him or her know how you feel about having him/her.
Let your other half feel safe, relaxed, and secure in your relationship. Let ‘I love you” be a poem in your mouth.


Nothing will make your spouse feel more secure than hearing those words. So let it pop up every minute, even without planning it.
It is one of the secrets of those happy couples you see.


(11) They hug and kiss each other at least 30 seconds every day.


Yes, I prescribe 30 seconds because I know it is enough to push out the cuddle hormone called oxytocin, which is responsible for those feelings that are relevant to the success of your marriage.


So in the morning, before you go out to give the 30-second hug, and when you come back again in the evening,. Let it not be less than 30 seconds and not more than that.


When you continue it that way, you will find out that you can quickly get in the mood without planning it.


However, since this prescription works like magic, it will not be good if you stop doing it for some time. Your partner may feel that you don’t care anymore.


(12) They know how to deal with their conflicts:


The difference between happy couples and non-happy couples is the way they deal with their conflicts.


It is inevitable to disagree in a relationship, but it is also good when you disagree skillfully.


One technique the happy couples adopt during their disagreement is the choice of words; they use more “plural pronouns” like (us, ours, and we) instead of “singular pronouns” like (me, I, and mine), and this helps them not feel stressed after the whole argument.


It is essential not to shout, yell, or use those hurtful words that cannot be easily taken back during those heated moments.


Remember, actions can easily be forgotten, but words are there forever. Never be obstinate; it may be just nice if you compromise on certain things. Remember, you want to make your marriage work.


(13) They live with full integrity:


They trust each other so much and know their spouse will not take them for granted because of that. It is important to live daily with fairness, reliability, and integrity.


(14) Happy couples have a positive mentality regarding each other.


Research by marriage researcher Gottman Ph.D., proved that happy couple marriages are usually characterized by some emotional traits like affection, respect, and empathy, and they are usually mindful of each other’s feelings.


They see their challenging moments as another opportunity to grow their marriage. And that each of them is responsible for their own growth.


This is what makes them different from those guys who have separated or who are still in the process of separation.
That divorced couple never has any positive remarks or feelings about their marriage.


(15) They are committed to their marriage.


For a marriage to thrive, the two people involved have to be committed to making it so. The happy couples understood this very well, and that is why they do everything to make their marriage stand out.


-They commit their time.
-They commit their money
They commit to their health also, just because it matters to them.


(16) They spend quality time with each other.


Spending quality time together is one of the habits of a happy couple that gives them an edge over every circumstance that will come in the future.


These are the moments they devote to discussing the things that matter to their marriage. They take time to share their pains, their joy, their mistakes, and their weaknesses.


Building a bond in marriage takes time and effort, it starts with sharing quality time. It is true that we are very busy people, and at times, 24 hours becomes too short for us to achieve all we want; Still, it is possible to find some moments to connect with your partner.


Remember, it does not matter the amount of time you spend with your spouse. What matters is the quality of time.


17 They never have a secret: It is not proper to keep secrets.


Remember, it was easy for you while you were still single? Now that you are married; it is not business as usual. Every secret kept will someday be known, and your partner may not be happy to know you kept such a secret for such a long time.


Keeping secrets will make you lie and lying can destroy your marriage. So be open and have no secret.




These are exactly some of the happy couple’s habits that make them different from the other couples. You cannot necessarily use all of it, but you can select the ones that can work well in your marriage and start today to apply it.


The results may not be seen immediately, but you will surely see changes in record times.




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