5 Special Ways Of Dealing With Problems In Marriage.

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There’s are problems in your marriage, and now you are wondering if there is a way of dealing with problems in marriage.

Have you ever wondered why other people’s marriage is strong and rosy but not yours?

Have you ever thought if it’s possible to swap your marriage with one of your neighbor’s you admired?

You are not alone, everybody was there and you have not committed any crime for getting married to that your lovely spouse.

One thing very common with all the marriages is that the trying moments will always be there, there will always be fights and quarrels, there’ll always be one time you ask yourself have I made mistakes to marry my spouse, sometimes you may think of throwing in the towel.

What usually matters if you know the methods of dealing with Problems in marriage?

Just as gold must pass through the fire to become gold, all the marriage must pass through one issue or the other before it will stand firm.
So if you are asking whether your marriage will ever become happy again, my answer to that question is yes, but here are few things you must know as you read this : )

  • It is something that has worked for other couples, and I am sure it will work for you too.
  • Nothing good comes easy and you should not expect these to be a quick fix, but if you are serious to see it work, you will have the result you desire.
  •   Since all marriage is not the same, some of the points listed here may not properly work for you; so just choose what will work for you and your spouse and get to work at once.

If you are ready for this, then let’s move on; just get yourself a cup of anything you like, for me, I am having a cup of coffee here with me.

Just like I told you in the beginning, there is no marriage without trouble, but while some couples act fast in dealing with problems in marriage, the others decide to get down and settle it in court through a divorce.

But that is not a good decision to make.

Instead of filling for divorce, consider taking some steps to find ways of dealing with problems in marriage.

If you don’t know how then follow these steps.

5 Ways Of Dealing With Problems in Marriage.

 The common marriage problems and Solutions.

1) Lack of communication:

So many books have been written about this topic and yet couples are still falling victim to this. Poor communication one of the big problems every couple experiences one time or the other in their marriage.

Even when a couple loves each other so much, yet if they do not have good communication, the love will be lost in a flash. Of course, there is communication between the two of you, just that it brings more problems than it solves.

A couple once told me that each time they want to have a conversation, one issue may come up and the next thing is the quarrel and that made them start avoiding themselves.


One common thing that brings communication failure among couples is when one partner feels not understood by the other. Everyone feels bad when they are not understood and may react with action, silence, or any other way that may be inimical to the relationship.

However, the reason you are often offended when you think that you are not understood is that you always focus on people not understanding you, have you ever thought if you understand the other person.

Your marriage may be better if you think more about understanding your partner than being understood. This will reduce the quarrels and hurts in your marriage.

Bonus reading

You can learn some communication skills that will help your marriage, below are a few tools to help you.

– Develop good listening skills.
– Understand the best ways to respond.
– Have a good timing when conversing.
– Discover the communication skill that inspires your marriage instead of hinders your marriage.

2) Taking each other for granted:

When your marriage was young, you were so much engrossed with pleasing your other half, you were so interested in putting the first foot forward, there were still so many things to learn about your spouse and everybody want to be good to each other.

As the marriage advance, when you have fully known your partner too well, you started downplaying his /her abilities and destroying his dreams.

It is true you still loved your partner so much but so many other things have slowly taken his position; the children, the job, the domestic works, and friends have taken over.

Don’t let it linger

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