You are hurting your husband unknowingly

hurting your husband,

Do you know there are things you do unknowingly that are hurting your husband and kill your marriage?


Some weeks back I wrote an article on the things men do that is killing their marriage and got so much feedback from the men and the women too, but today I want to write on ways you may be hurting your husband unknowingly and killing your marriage without knowing it.


This is important since the science of a happy marriage states that for a marriage to succeed, every partner is expected to give not 80/20, not 60/40, not even 50/50, but 100/100% of each other. That simply means giving everything there is to give.


Anderson Armstrong a woman who specializes in helping women know men better says that men and women are different in so many areas, but they are alike when it comes to the desire to be loved. That means if you expect love, you must also show love.


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If you are a woman and you think you have tried so many things to make your marriage happy and it is not working out, I suggest you purse for a moment and check if there is where you are not getting things right; you may be hurting your husband unknowingly, and that may also be killing your marriage.



Men are very wonderful people to be with when you understand what makes them happy. However, when they are not happy, so many other things may be going down with it, but if you are interested in helping your marriage succeed big time, then this article is written to help you understand those things that are hurting your husband and killing your marriage too.


Here are they:

12 Ways you are hurting your husband Unknowingly


Not showing appreciation:

Everyone wants to be appreciated and your husband is one of them, but sometimes you make your expectations so big and fail to appreciate the little things your husband did for you.


Most women never have anything like thank you in their vocabulary and the experts said that the three important words that are required to help make a marriage strong please, sorry and thank you.


Your husband expects you to show some appreciation whenever he bought a gift or anything; it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. By showing gratitude you are making him see that you understand how important he is to you.


Be Vigilant

Be always vigilant not to take him for granted. Remember he is not an angel to be right all the time but just be ready always to find a way to demonstrate your gratitude, for that will only make him do more for you.


Stop being manipulative:

Being manipulative is one of the easiest ways you can kill your marriage. Men don’t like it when their wives are trying to control then. Remember he is made to be your head and you are supposed to be on the supporting side.


If you are the type of woman that wants to force your husband do all you want without giving him room to move at his own pace, or you want to make him take all the blame for everything that went wrong in your marriage, then you are that manipulative wife and you are hurting your husband. Your husband wants you to be matured emotionally and know what will make him feel good instead.


You don’t respect him:

Respect is one of the main recipes for a happy marriage. You are expected to show some respect for your husband.


Most women are good at rubbishing their husband especially in the presence of other people. Men never enjoy a marriage where his wife will be toying with his ego or making him feel inadequate, they want to be appreciated and praised all the time. Never berate or insult him


The best thing you could do now to help your marriage is to show respect to him.

Instead of making your friends look down on your husband because of your attitude, Make them understand that he is everything to you.


Withholding Sex and affection:

The experts said that holding, squeezing, kissing, hugging helps marriage grows and builds a strong bond between couples, but you are holding back all those affections; so how did you expect your relationship to grow.


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