5 Specific Things Your Wife Needs From You Faster


Is your wife giving her best for your marriage? If yes, then you are on the right track, but if she is not, then here are 5 things your wife needs from you to do more than she used to be.


The affirmation that “when mama is not happy, nobody is happy” is a good example of what am saying here.


Women are always ready to make their marriage successful, and they can do anything to make it happen especially if they are getting pat in the back from their husbands.


They don’t need much to be their best, just a little support from you, just a little show of appreciation can do all the work and you’ll nearly kick yourself for not doing that in the past.


A man told a story of how he took the wife out a super shop to pick something for herself and what she picked was costly though, but all were what they needed for the home.

She would have gone for her personal things, but just that little surprise the husband gave to her gave her another opportunity to get most of the things she needed for the family.


It’s really interesting and if your wife is not doing much, then you have to step up to make her bring the hero in her.


In this post, you’ll see things you can do to make your wife happy and more productive.



5 Things your Wife needs from you to do more.


1) Give her surprises: –

Women are very peculiar people; they don’t need much to get them trilled.

Giving them a surprise gift is just one of the ways to do that.


The gift may not be something very costly, but let it be something they will love and let it always be a surprise one.


Great and unexpected gifts get women so amazed and astonished.


Always be sure the surprises are all about your wife and not you.


Do not plan to take her to a cinema, a museum or places you love, take her to places she likes.


If what she likes is to go fishing, take her there and also make sure the gifts you are getting for her are the things she loves.


Meet her most emotional needs: –

Everyone has a need; it is one thing that makes up every human being.


Sometimes we want to either deny that those needs exist, or we don’t even want to meet them.


Most of these needs when unmet become the underlying factors that bring disputes and eventual separation in relationships.


Knowing what your wife needs are as well as your wives are will always make a great impact on your family.

When your wife’s needs are overlooked or not met at all, she either suffers it or looks for another means of having it met.

But by meeting those needs, you are helping to ensure happiness to your wife as well as your marriage.


3) Make her feel secure:-

Every woman wants to be assured of her security in two different things.


  • Area of finance: Women don’t like it at all when they realize that your income is irregular, unavailable when needed or not a solid plan of handling emergencies.

Those things make them feel very anxious especially when children are involved.

You may not be making a lot of money, but when you are keen about handling the necessities of the family the ways she can understand, that will make her feel relaxed.


  •  They also want to know their position in their heart:- that’s why they feel so cheated when they realized you are battling so much with pornography or relating closely with the opposite sex outside there.


Once she finds out the other women are sharing what belongs to her, they also close their mind to you.

However, when she is sure your heart belongs to her only, you will see her boasting about you as well as your marriage.


4) Pursue her again: –

Did you remember how you pursed your wife those days and won her over?


Now you think you have done the work and don’t need to do it again.

The truth is that this time your wife wants to feel you desiring her, seeking her, and wanting her again and again.

This includes desiring her asexually, but don’t always desire her for her body only, but desire her happiness, her heart, her understanding and also her closeness.

She wants you to need her for who she actually is and not because of the ways she makes you feel.


5) Know and understand her pretty well: –

If I ask you how much you know your wife, you will tell me you know her so very.

But, knowing your wife means more than knowing what she likes or wants at a point in time.

There’s need to know her totally, I mean knowing her body language, her cycle, when she needs you behind her and when she wants to be left alone.

Those things make a wife feel loved and when they feel such, they love to reciprocate love.



Finally, Marriage becomes better and sweeter when your wife is happy with the marriage and they do more to make the marriage feel happiness too.

From today, I implore you to try out all I have written down in this post about how to make your wife happy to do more for you and your family.

I promise you will see more changes in her as well as your relationship.

I am still your friend Ikenna ( murphyaik)
See you at the top.


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