15 Top pre-marriage counseling questions to note now

Pre-marriage counseling questions

Here are few pre-marriage counseling questions to answer before you finally walk down the aisle. Answering these questions will help you understand how much you know about marriage.

It is important to have the best wedding in town, but the most important thing is to know how to live after your wedding and honeymoon. If you don’t know these things, you will find it hard to navigate through the storms of marriage.

But those are what the marriage counselors will teach you during marriage counseling?

What is pre-marriage counseling?

Pre-marriage counseling is a therapy conducted for couples to help them prepare for their marriage. It is aimed to help partners discuss several issues about their marriage, like finance, children, communication skills, so that they can be on the same page.

Marriage counseling can help you discover the areas of conflict in your marriage and then equip you and your spouse with tools to help you navigate them with ease. It also aims to help you build a strong foundation for your marriage.

According to Sabrina Romanoff PsyD, “Premarital or pre-marriage counseling helps the couple create a blueprint for their lives together.” All these and more are what you will gain from pre-marriage counseling.

15 sure Pre-marriage counseling questions to note now.

Premarital therapy

As you and your partner prepare to see a marriage counselor, be sure to expect the counselor to ask you few questions concerning.

1) What Do You Love Most About Your Relationship And Your Partner?

Answering these questions shows how prepared you are for your marriage. They are aimed to help you navigate the vital is life. They will also help you stand firm when everything else has failed.

Consider each other’s interests and aspirations or those activities you enjoyed doing together. Also, think about issues such as communication, parenting, and trust. It is also important to reflect on what you appreciate most about your partner and what your partner feels too.

2) How Do You Hope To Resolve Your Future Conflicts?

It is also good to reflect on how to settle your disputes from the early days of your marriage. This is because there will always be conflicts no matter the amount of love you have for each other.

The counselor will then want to know what you’ll do when you are concerned about your marriage. How do you tend to future issues? It is good to have a plan.

Communication is important in conflict resolution, therefore, be sensitive during your discussion to know when and how your partner reacts when you discuss sensitive issues and subjects.

As you discuss your conflict resolution strategies with the counselor, he/she will then find the best options to make the resolution easier for you.

3) What Are Your Roles In Marriage?

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