8 Seriously right reasons to get married for singles.

There are right reasons to get married and there are wrong reasons too. If you wish to be married and be happy as well, then you must know why you got married.

This article was written with the singles in mind. There are lots of them outside there who have chosen to remain single for the rest of their lives. If you made that decision too, well, you are entitled to your opinion.

However, in this post, you will learn the right reasons to get married and to do it fast.

Here is the recent survey report for America. From Pew Research Center study, the number of singles in the US is far higher than that of the married.

Below are few reasons for that;

  • People are afraid to marry, probably because they came from a divorced background.
  • Many singles are living together and are having kids outside marriage
  • Many people prefer to marry later in life (30 years for men and 28 for women).

No matter the reason why you are single now, you will wish to marry someday; understand that there are reasons to get married and the wrong reasons. The truth is that getting married for the wrong reason can have big consequences in your marriage.

And In this post, I will show you both the right reasons to get married as well as the wrong reasons.

Let’s dive in.

Wrong Reasons To Get Married For Singles:

Your Friends Are Getting Married:

There was news about your mate that got married years ago and had children and you can count many that are about to wed, but not you.

Social media is not helping matters too, because many other people you know are talking about their engagement and wedding coming soon, and that has raised your question “why me” now you want to get married by all means.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with others or with what you see on social media; that’s a wrong reason to marry. You will regret it in the end.

Wait for God’s time, wait for the time your right partner will come.

You Want To Prove Something To Your World:

Getting married because you want to prove to your friends that you too can get married like the, or your aunt for pesters you with questions of when to get married.

probably you came from a divorced family and you want to prove to the world that what happened to your parents won’t happen to you.

This may sound like good a reason to you to get married, but it isn’t. Marriage is a big life decision to go into with shabby reasons; so for whatever reason, you may have, understand that no reason is good enough to make you rush into any relationship.

You are Afraid To Be Alone;

This is another wrong reason to get married. You feel that you not getting younger, and you are afraid that this could be the last suitor to come. Dear, forget that.

“If a door closes, another will open.” So don’t be misguided, if that suitor leaves another will come. You should wait for the best time to come. It will not be good if you eventually get married and start feeling lonely again.

You’ve Been Together For Long And You won’t Disappoint Each Other;

As a marriage counselor, I have heard so many people saying that they can’t leave their partner anymore since they have been together for a long time. If you are such a person, you are getting it wrong.

Being together for so long is not a criterion for marriage. Love and tenderness are. What if there is no compatibility? What if he/she has not been fair to you?

You can still let a relationship go when you find out that you are not meant to be together. Getting married because you can’t let go is wrong, you can be hurt forever when you make such decision.

Marriage Will Make You Complete:

That’s a big lie; there has never been a history of where someone becomes happier because they are married. When you see people that are eventually happy in their relationship, they worked for it.

Marriage requires work and nurturing to make it successful and you have to play your card to achieve that. I have heard people say that their failed marriage thought them many things.

That’s a lie too, it is only your new relationship that can teach you. You learn from the people you interact with. So note that you can’t be complete because you are in a marriage, or married a happy spouse.

One good thing about marriage is that it doesn’t make you feel exuberant, it will only make be aware of who you are, most especially you will create the type of joy you want by yourself.

You Need Money:

Getting married because of money is one of the wrong reasons to get married. Once we see a wealthy person, the next thing is that comes to our mind is to get married to them to so to be financially secured.

From that moment, we want to do everything to attract him or her and in the process of that we can make tragic mistakes.

I want you to understand that “nothing lasts forever.” A rich person can be bankrupt tomorrow and I bet you will not be happy again when that money is no more. Therefore don’t marry because of money, but because you are In love.

8 Seriously right reasons to get married for singles.

1) It Is Safer To Be Married:

Marriage minimizes the risk that both men and women can be victims of violence including domestic violence. According to the report of a study done in 1994, it was discovered divorced women and singles we’re more likely to be victims of violence than the wives.

Again, the bachelors were also found to be four times likely to be involved in violence more than the husband’s.

Therefore, to reduce the total number of victims of violence and its impact on the environment, marriage is important.

2) Marriage Helps You Build A Family:

Indeed, you must not be married to have kids. However, marriage is still the mare known way of starting a family. It provides a solid ground for security and stability in terms of finances, home and gives you the right to act as a parent.

In our society couples are respected more than single parents; the reason is those couples are seen as been more responsible than the unmarried.

Even the result of the study conducted by the Department of Human Development and Family in Missouri has proved that people who are married related their health higher and it remain higher as they get old together.

3) You Trust Your Partner Deeply:

One of the most important interesting aspects of a happy, strong, and successful marriage is trust. It is very important that you and your partner trust each other, have each other, back and support each other also

However, if you decide to get married because you feel that your partner may be cheating on you ao you want to pin him/her down, you are wrong.

Getting married won’t stop that, it will rather kill the trust completely. Therefore, once you have doubts about your partner’s fidelity or commitment to you, don’t get married.

But if you trust your partner wholeheartedly, then it is time to take your relationship to the next level.

4) You Care About The Same Thing:

Before you decide to get married to that guy or babe, I suggest you make sure that both of you are on the same page about the future. Decide if you want to live together, have children, and how to manage your finances.

You have to be open to each other about your future; let your partner know everything you think, and if you are not interested say it immediately. Hiding anything at this point can cause problems in the future.

Again choose to visit a pre-marriage counselor for advice before finally walking down the aisle. This will help you start your marriage on stronger grounds.

5) You’ve Spent Wonderful Times Together:

Another best reading you get married to that guy or girl is because you have spent quite some good times together and you feel great when you are with each other.

If both of you have moved on together, it clearly shows that you can be good couples too: this is because since you’ve stayed together, you’ve learned about each other and satisfied too.

It is different from seeing yourselves from a distance. Be sure to be around each other well enough to know and be comfortable with yourselves.

Marriage Can Make You A Better Person:

Knowing what you want in life and looking for a partner to help you achieve that is important. It is good to marry someone honest, insightful, and opinionated. Having a partner with all this stuff will give you a big advantage and engender you to bring our your best.

Marrying a dumb partner gives you the opposite lifestyle. The truth is that marriage can open you up to that challenge of tunning into your best frequencies. Above all, if you marry a romantic partner, partner/she can make you understand the meaning of compromise and self-sacrifice.

Therefore if you are looking to grow and become the best you can. Marrying with an amazing partner will present advantages to you to be just that.


Marriage is a beautiful thing when you play by the rules. Know the rules and you will succeed. Marry someone that will have you in mind and make you happy. If you marry with the right reason, you will allso succeed, if not you will fail.

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