15 Minutes a day to nurture your marriage

You may want to check your mail for just 10 minutes and find out that you have spent close to 1 hour reading the mail. Think of what that time can do to your marriage.

Do your chores on time:

If you have some house chores to do, it’ll be better if you do it on time so you will have free time to be with your partner.

Cuddle the kids to sleep:-As long as the kids are awake, your attention will be divided; but when they are sleeping you and your partner will have time. So cuddle them to sleep on time.

Forget checking your friend newest update on social media:-

There is nothing as sweet as visiting social media like Facebook, twitter, and others to look at your friend’s latest updates.

But the joy is at the expense of your couple’s time. So which will you choose, building your marriage or checking your friend update?

Understand that it is all about you, your partner and your marriage:

Couples time is the time to nurture your marriage. So never play with it.




          The 15 minutes with your spouse spent well.


One thing to note is that marriage is not just about finding happiness, but all about finding ways you and your partner can develop into a better human being.


The happiness comes later and they are usually found in the amount of time you spend together.

Sharing 15 minutes daily with the one you love is one of the smartest moves you can take in other to sustain your relationship.

Scientific research describes it as a “positive moments that matter in keeping a relationship satisfied”.

But, the truth is that if you don’t guard the time well, you will soon realize that it is a wasted effort.

To help you make the time what while, here is what you should do.

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