What Do Nigerian Man Want In A Woman

What do Nigerian man want in a woman

What do Nigerian man want in a woman they love?

If you are asking this question, then you read this post carefully; because I will show you not just what the average Nigerian man wants, but I will also show you how an average Nigerian man behaves in a relationship.

Now to answer your question “what do Nigerian men want in a woman”, I like to, first of all, make you understand that every individual, especially Nigerian men have their preferences when it comes to whoever they will choose as a partner, irrespective of their nationality.


However, there are certain characteristics that many Nigerian men find attractive in women, for example –

  • physical appearance.
  • personality, and
  • cultural values.

Physical appearance is usually seen as a very essential when it comes to attracting a Nigerian man’s attention.┬áMost Nigerian men tend to love well-groomed women, with nice appearances and stylish clothing.

Below is a comprehensive list of what Nigerian men want in women.

What Do Nigerian Man Want In A Woman Today:-

1) A Respectful Woman:-

Nigerian culture places a great emphasis on respect, especially towards elders and those in authority.

Therefore, a Nigerian man will never want to miss any woman they see as a respectful woman, especially when she respects his family, friends as well as his culture.

All Nigerian men interpret respect as love, so if you want your man to love you so much, respect him in all things and at all times.

3) What Do Nigerian Man Want In A Woman? The Want A Woman That is Family Oriented:-

How to get a Nigerian man to marry you,

What do Nigerian man want in a woman? They want a woman who will love his family and relate with them.

In Nigeria, family is an essential part of the culture, therefore all Nigerian men prefer a woman who is ready to share their family values.

Sharing in a Nigerian man’s family values means that you are willing to build a close relationship with his family and are committed to raising a family of your own.

Though this may not be an easy task for you, is one of the ways you can get your husband or man’s heart.

4) A Woman Who Embraces Traditional:-


Some Nigerian man prefers to date many a woman who embraces traditional gender roles, such as a woman who knows how to build a home, a wife material who can take care of the home and children.

Also, many Nigerian men are open to women who have career ambitions.

5) What Do Nigerian Man Want In A Woman: A Beauty Woman:-

Nigerian men are known to appreciate physical beauty and spiritual beauty. Physical beauty pertains to her features, like facial beauty, body structure, etc.

Spiritual beauty means how accommodating and transparent she is easy to be with.

However, it’s important to note that beauty is subjective and varies from person to person.

6) Nigerian Men Prefers A Strong character:-

What do Nigerian man want in a woman?

Nigerian men may be attracted to women who possess strong character, confidence, and assertiveness. A woman who can stand up for herself and others, and who is not afraid to voice her opinions, may be seen as desirable.

7)What Do Nigerian Man Want In A Woman? They Want Humble Women:-

While Nigerian men like confident women, they also appreciate women who are humble and down-to-earth.

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