Things your wife needs from you to be happy


(5) Love Her:

The most important of all I have said here is love.


Men always forget to affirm their wives, and they want it, they need it, and can never do without it.


They love it when you reassure them of your love.


She desires more of that tender, thoughtful, heartfelt, and soft affirmation you present without demanding sex in return.


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(6) Support her:-

Your wife wants to know that if any other one fails,  that you are always by her side.


She needs to know that your shoulder is there for her to lean on.


Remember this doesn’t mean you should agree to everything she says.


If your wife stressed herself so much before getting home, she needs to see you care for her when she is around you.


If she is feeling overwhelmed with caring for the kids, she will feel good to see you offer to relieve her.


Show he loves in any way you can because out of all the girls out there, you choose her.



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